• If I Could only hear you sing,
    it would bring so much comfort and when You bring your love
    I Smile, and you give me a hug,
    when I Hear your name,
    I Cry in shame.
    I Blame myself for what happened to you baby,
    Baby, it's ganna be ok,
    she used to tell me that..
    And damn,
    I Pray to go to heaven just to see you again,
    just one more time and give you one last hug,
    but I Know your alright up there above.
    When you left it's like you took the lord with you,
    all our family members have changed, Jessica's brain is like plain..
    Johnny is just lame,
    Daddy is in pain,
    and Mommy is just drained.
    Your love is gone now,
    and so is your memory,
    I Remember you, just not your face.
    You've been gone so long, I Don't know all that went wrong..
    I Miss you, Grandmama. </3 crying