• we use to be like best friends
    always laughin maybe gigglin
    hangin almost in love
    but then things started to change
    you got up and walked away as if you didn't care
    I got up and followed you like a stray
    but you only looked away
    I am like a dog stuck in a cage just waitin for its owner to
    come home and play but the owner never does
    I feel like an old toy to grow up to touch
    what happened to me and you together forever
    why did you leave me alone
    yet I still think you might come back
    they all said I would forget about you
    but I never did, I try not to care but I do
    its been a year and you probley forgot I am here
    I'm here for you thick and thin no matter what I am there forever,
    please don't leave me again
    you come back and see me then you might think of the times and
    leave,don't you leave don't go again
    there you go walking away leavin me again
    will you come back I wonder once more
    you look back as if disapointed and I wonder will you return
    will you ever return, I ask you will you come back for me, ever?
    will you ever care again.