• I can feel the bones inside
    the beautiful skeleton that is my mind
    look in the mirror
    see the fat
    see the girl made by mistake

    fear is crawling up my throat
    take my hands
    don't let me choke
    bending over, just can't breathe
    watch my ribs shake as I heave

    The hunger eats right through my heart
    burning, fighting
    tempting darts
    i won't be a burden, can't make me sin
    ignore the fire from within

    Freedom yearning through open lips
    a silent scream
    that slowly rips
    through the fragile wall between
    the different girls inside of me

    who am I?
    i'm not quite sure
    noone cares and I know why
    Ugly, useless, selfish, weak
    hide and cry the pains asleep

    i'll wait for it to end again
    curl up inside
    im not insane
    fight the urges, fight the need
    Where hunger fails I shall succeed.