• I am the darkness of your soul,yet the enlightment of your heart

    I wish to break you down into depression,yet show you where to start

    I am evil,yet justice...i am the destruction,that allows re-construction

    I am the hate you feel,yet the love you show.I am the fire that burns you
    yet im the falling snow

    Im the pain and suffering,yet im the true meaning of hope

    I am the darkness of night,yet the lightings of day

    Judge me not by my powers,yet what i have to say

    I mean you no harm,yet i want you to pay

    I allow your hate to show,then i turn it away

    I laugh at your tears,yet i love to make you smile

    I am darkness,then light,and both for a while

    I am the meaning of despare,yet the meaning of love

    I want to be free and fly like a dove,my life is confusion
    ontop of depression

    I keep love and hate...they've become my obsession....