• She likes to chat,
    has dark black hair
    she is always one mood.
    and says I dont care

    She makes me sick
    with her sad expression
    she hates me alot
    and she make me have depression

    yet i stil used to like her
    maybe it was her mysterious description
    her pretty face and her wavey hair
    was sort of an addiction

    now i know well
    not to judge a person from the outside
    cuz their real true self
    is imprisoned in the inside

    this gurl used to be my friend
    then happened the incident,
    it went downhill from there
    she left me with a great big dent

    this dent wuz filled with thoughts
    of depression and sorrow
    it made me think of wats going to happen

    as i walked into the skool
    happy as always
    i see her
    and i flashed back to the dark days

    days of suffering and pain
    full of heartbreak and depression
    i put on a smile
    to hide my true expression

    my expression was hatred
    it was sorrowful and angry
    ive never felt this way about sumone
    it made me feel hungry (lol)

    although the u are laughin right now
    u never know wats going to turn out
    when u feel u know sumone
    then u feel u wanna shout

    so listen my friend
    wat you have just heard is true
    this is going to happen.
    maybe not to u