• Darkness.
    Opened eyes, closed eyes,
    All he saw was Darkness
    Sitting, he stirred slightly,
    But he was, unfortunately, bound.
    No luck

    Then from the shadows he saw,
    coming from a slit of light
    in the darkness,
    the harbringer of death,
    A man...a man of viscious intent.
    He knew what the man wanted,
    But he wasn't willing to give.

    As the man moved forward,
    the boy waited..waited,
    and never showing weakness
    stared the man in the face
    hoping his friends, his comrades,
    would spring him from this dungeon of death.

    Outside the foreboding walls
    A trio stood.
    One represented Knowledge,
    The other secrets,
    and the last, power

    Slowly they crept-cautiously crept
    past the rotting gates,
    three headstrong heroes on a mission,
    to save their captured friend.

    These actions were repeated in the dungeon
    The boys lifesource trickling into
    a tantilizing scarlet puddle.
    Lettle out a small pained sigh,
    the boy's head lolled to the side.

    This man-Locrian he was called,
    titled the boy's head so that he
    was staring at him,
    then he whispered in the boy's ear,
    menacingly, deadly, threateningly,
    "And then there was one."

    The trio, coming close to their friend,
    freeing him their goal,
    Finally they made it to their
    destination, a dark dungeon,
    And slowly...cautiously...
    opened the door.

    Shock could not describe what they saw.
    Inside, the boy was unmoving,
    broken almost,
    his life's source slowly seeping
    from his heart.
    Horrified, the trio stared,
    wide-eyed and scared.
    They didn't make it...
    It was too late.

    Then, their friend's foe--
    no friend's murderer,
    appeared and smiled a sad smile.
    He waved his hand through
    the air, plunging the dungeon in darkness

    The man, Locrian, covered in the blood
    of the boy and the trio,
    smiled cradling the boy's dead body

    Bending his head down, his lips brushed
    a bloody ear, staining it a bright red,
    Whispering something ever so softly...
    "And then there was none."