• The worlds falling into the unknown for we cry to night
    We don’t want to know the world is doomed
    We run for are lives for we care
    We don’t want to live
    We don’t want to die
    Who knows why we breath to night
    The ones who die never know what lies behind the eyes
    The eyes of a dead man to night
    Tell me the lies to keep me happy
    Tell me the truth to kill me
    Come to me I don’t want to be alown
    Go away from me I want to live
    Who knows what lies behind your eyes
    Im the one with a mask but you lie more than I do
    I lie behind the mask of the living to see the dead
    I hate living with out you to night
    The demons inside you come to me to night
    There screeming never runes from the darkness
    Lets hope I fall and die in the darkness
    I don’t want screem I don’t want to die to night
    I want to scream I want to die to tomro
    No one knows about yesterday its over
    The falling past with out the blood to seal it
    Its coved in its remains to night for us
    Come to me I know how to feel to night
    Come to me to seal my heart
    Let it burn you to feel the truth
    Don’t brake it if u don’t like it
    I want to sleep to night let me live to night