• Why am i so alone?
    in this great big world of ours.
    i sit and stare in the room
    Thats been empty for hours.

    Because you've left me by myself,
    all for Mr. Perfect.
    'cause he never hurts himself,
    never loses his confident smirk.

    "He's so great jeff, you'd love him!"
    you write me notes in class
    asking to still be my friend.
    I sit and give you a smile,
    though inside i want to die.

    Because if I were mad, or angry,
    you'd be unhappy.
    and i am not bitter,
    and i want you to be happy.

    so enjoy Mr.Perfect,
    'cause he's a better man than I.
    Besides, you would have me much longer anyways,
    'cause I'm about to die.