• I was walking down the road,
    When I came upon a toad,
    When I looked at him he bit me,
    Then he punched me and he kicked me,
    He had finished me and told me,
    When he had packaged me and sold me,
    I would see his true form,
    When I awoke my clothes were torn,
    I looked up and saw a snake,
    When he moved it made the floor shake,
    The snake said "My name is Bruce.",
    Then he walked me to a pool of juice,
    The toad came from the shadows,
    I could tell the juice was shallow,
    So I stepped in it and ran,
    So he hit me with a pan,
    Then he hit me with a nut,
    So I kicked him in the butt,
    Then I was he had some gum,
    I walked to him and said "Gimme some!",
    He threw it in a tub of poo,
    I said "Don't worry I'll save you!",
    I jumped into the poo and found,
    I had the gum but then I drowned,
    The toad looked at it and frowned,
    Don't know how but he blew up the town!,
    Then a hole opened up and the toad went down...down...down...down...down...........