• Counting, counting forever.
    Waiting until it strikes; the time, and place.
    Eyes closed; mind, a blank road
    Leading to you, a faded figure in the distance.
    Intoxicated by your being,
    Awed by your wonder,
    Relieved to see and feel
    Your illuminating presence.
    You make me feel
    Like I am lost;
    Like I can’t distinguish
    Between what is real
    And what is only a figment of my dreams.
    You make me feel
    like I have committed
    to Hide and Seek
    Where I must be able
    to have the Desire
    to have the Passion
    to have the Capability
    of striving for something, someone
    Not a want, but a need
    to become one with what
    You cannot stand to be without.

    Only then
    Will you have the potential
    to seek what is hidden
    What is concealed by unknown impediments
    With one single sinister intention,
    Striving to prevent you
    from comprehending the words
    Desperately straining to be heard
    by one individual soul.