• You judge me.
    Looking at you from where I stand.
    How I hate you sometimes.
    I wonder how there are people
    Who care for you.
    You're my best friend,
    But not by choice.
    I am forced to share all my secrets
    All my desires
    With you.
    I wish you would just shut up
    And let me get into trouble.
    But no,
    You have to get in the way
    And compare the consequences.
    And worst of all
    Most of the time
    Your right.

    I am hated by you
    And I am sorry this is so.
    I wish you wern't so restless
    Then my job would be so much easier.
    How many aches have you given me?
    Choices I have let you make
    And then you blame me for letting you make them.
    I despise you as much
    As you despise me.
    And yet,
    I have no choice
    But to listen to your reason.
    And what is worst of all
    Alot of the time
    Your right
    And don't even know it.

    We are a team we are
    And though
    We hate eachother
    [For the most part]
    We need eachother.
    One cannot survive without the other.
    Total opposites we are.
    Which is why we are the best of friends.
    There will never be a time
    Where we won't need eachother.
    So onward with life!
    We will come at it with our weapons of