• have you ever killed anybody? That what i think a lot of times and i wonder why do i ask that.?
    like i ask
    where is daddy
    where is mommy
    where am i
    and why did i have to be the one left behind.

    when i was little my dad left us and then my mom went to look for him and see she never came back. Then my sister left with her boyfriend and left me here i dont trust people cause i know they would lie to be behind my back. People think i am weird when i am not i just dont talk or have friends i dont mind having no friends or people to take a stand for me. But i wonder why was i left behind was it something i said was it something i did? I never look at tough things in life i try to say there easy but i can't say that now.

    when will i stop killing people
    when will i stop hurting the people i love
    when will i die
    when will the pain stop

    was the last words to me in front of me was my mom and dad fighting and i hated it so much
    that i wanted to die. But now i am by myself and i can live in this house by myself it does get lonly some times but i dont trust people at all so i am fine with it.
    but why oh why did i not see my parents or sis happy when i was around they always fought when i was around and when i was not home but when i came home one day i saw then say i happy she isnt here and glad i not here.

    that day daddy left then a couple months later mommy left then a year later sis left me alone in this big dark scarey house by myself.