• People wonder if there is life after death, I personally wonder if there was some form of conciousness before conception. Imagine if you will your "Spirit" or "Soul" choosing what it wants to happen in its embodyed life, a selection of events that will shape the events in later life. E.G
    You choose path A from paths A, B & C
    Path A. will then have another 3 choices and so on and so forth.

    I personally think if you want to be a great man ( Or woman, no sexism here) you have to endure hardships to deserve the rewards. If you cannot bare the hardships, then greatness is not earnt or deserved. So maybe, all lifes hardships are pre-determined by your "Soul" or "Spirit" pre-conception to decide what your legacy or end will be of, If your "Spirit or "Soul" wishes to be remembered for all eternity, the hardships will be great & many, if your "Spirit" or "Soul" wishes for a peaceful, pleasureable life, the hardships will be few & far inbetween.

    Like i said, just a few musings ive been thinking about and trying to expand. Im more interested in comments than votes smile
    I look forward to the discussions & veiws about my philosophical musings ^.^