• It was almost dark out and Link and Lea were following Vivi who supposedly knew the way to Gale Forest.
    Link: "Hey, Vivi are you sure you know the way?" "We've been on this trail forever."
    Vivi: "Of course i know the way,if it weren't for me you two would be stuck wondering how to get there!" Link glared at Vivi.
    Link: "Why you little......" Link bent down and picked up a stick and was going to swat at Vivi with it when Lea took it from his hand.
    Lea: "Don't worry Link ,i'm sure we'll be there soon enough." Link's shoulders sagged and he let out a sigh.
    Link: "Okay...." At that moment a horse drawn carriage drove up beside them,there was a man wearing a blue coat with a hood that covered his face driving it.
    Leon: "Hey,you three look like you could use a lift." A smile passed over Lea's face.
    Lea: "Yes we do,you don't mind do you?"
    Leon: "No hop in but considering it's dark out why don't i give you a lift to the nearby village?"
    Lea: "That would be very helpful to us,thank you so much." Lea helped Link into the carriage then hopped in herself.
    Leo: "Heh heh ,no problem." Link glared at the man.
    Link: (i don't trust this guy.) "Hey Lea this guy looks suspicious." Lea let out a gasp.
    Lea: "Link,don't be rude!"
    Leon: "It's all right kids will be kids." Link crossed his arms in front of him.(Damn is the kid onto me?)
    Link: (This sucks,adults don't take kids seriously! I wish i was 17 again.....) A few minutes later they arrived at the village.
    Leon: "Well,we're here." Lea and Link and Vivi got out of the carriage.
    Lea: "Thank you again, uh......
    Leon: You don't need to know my name.
    Lea: "Huh?" Leon let out a loud whistle and an arrow flew from an unknown direction and shot through Lea's stomach. Lea let out a gasp and passed out.
    Link: "Lea!" "You bastard!" Link got up and charged at Leon. An evil smirk passed over Leon's face and he picked Link up by his neck.
    Link: "Ugh!"
    Leon: Your pretty brave kid, too bad it won't do you any good." Leon tightened his grip on Link's neck. At that moment Vivi started flying around Leon which caused him to drop Link.
    Leon: "Aghh,damn fairy!" Leon pulled out a bottle and trapped Vivi inside.
    Vivi: Hey, let me out! At that moment a man with short dark brown hair wearing a sleeveless white vest walked up to Leon.
    Leon: "Nice shot Ehren.
    Ehren: "Heh,thanks but she's not dead is she?"
    Leon: "No she's fine,Take the kid will ya?"
    Ehren: "Sure but what about the girl?"
    Leon: "Heh leave her to me."
    Ehren: "Got it." Ehren picked Link up and took him to the village jail.
    Leon: "I found myself quite a meal." Leon picked Lea up and took her to his house.
    When Lea came to she discovered that she was in an unknown room.
    Lea: "Where am i?" ugh....Lea held her side in pain and pulled the arrow out.
    Lea: "Where's Link and Vivi i have to find them." Lea started looking around and noticed a pile of bones in the corner of the room.
    Lea: "I wonder are those human bones?" At that moment Leon walked into the room.
    Leon: "Yes they are,they're from a recent meal."
    Lea glared at Leon.
    Lea: "Where are Link and Vivi?"
    Leon: "The fairy's right here." Leon pulled out a bottle and pulled off the lid,letting Vivi out. Vivi flew to Lea.
    Vivi: "Are you all right Lea?"
    Lea: "Yes i'm fine."
    Leon: "As for the boy......
    Lea: "Y-you didn't eat Link did you?"
    Leon: "Hmph,no i only eat women." "Sadly there haven't many coming by lately until now." Leon started licking his lips and looked Lea up and down.Lea stepped off the bed and grabbed onto her pendant. there was a flash of light. Leon raised his arm to shield his eyes from the light. After the light faded away Lea had a sword in her hand.
    Leon: "Hmmm, interesting weapon."
    Lea: It's my Pendant Blade and with it i'll kill you,i'm nobody's meal! A smirk crossed Leon's face.
    Leon: "Hmm,you think so?" A determined look crossed Lea's face.
    Lea: "Yes." Lea charged at Leon but little did she know that Leon had a trick up his sleeve. Leon's tongue grew longer and he flung it towards Lea and pulled her sword out of her hand. Lea let out a gasp.
    Leon: "Now what are you going to do my dear?" At that moment a stream of blue magic shot through Leon. A shocked look passed over Leon's face.
    Leon: "W-what.....? blood flowed out of Leon's wound and he passed out. A man with shoulder length black hair wearing a dark green tunic with white pants walked into the room and looked towards Lea. Link ran out from behind him and ran into Lea's embrace.
    Link: "I'm so glad your okay Lea!" Link realized what he had just done,pulled away and started blushing.
    Link: "S-sorry." Lea smiled at Link.
    Lea: "It's okay,i'm glad that your okay too." Vivi flew inbetween them.
    Vivi: "Hey,nobody asked me if i was okay!"
    Lea: "Oh, sorry Vivi!" "Are you okay?"
    Vivi: "Yeah,i'm fine!" The man with black hair walked over to them and gazed at Lea.
    Lea met his gaze,
    Lea: "Did you rescue Link?"Mokuto: Yes,he was being held in the village jail,i killed the demon that put him in there. Mokuto pulled out a roll of bandages from his shoulder bag.
    Mokuto: "I see you've been injured,allow me to bandage your wound."
    Lea: "Oh, well if you insist....."
    Mokuto: " Mokuto."
    Lea lifted her shirt and Mokuto bandaged her wound.
    Lea: "Thank you for rescuing us Mokuto." Vivi flew around Mokuto.
    Vivi: "Okay you seem safe."The name's Vivi and don't you forget it!"
    Mokuto: "Okay,i got it."
    Mokuto: "Now that introductions are out of the way, i think we should get out of here.""Don't you think Lea?"
    Lea: "Yeah."They left Leon's house and used the carriage as there mode of transportation to leave the village and continued on their way to Gale Forest.