• Oh, my dear friend, why can't you see? I express these feelings so plainly to you. I don't know if you don't understand, or that it's just you simply don't care, but it pains me to see you drifting away. I've know you for years, and we've grown quite close, but the new year has changed you. You're not the best friend I could rely on when we were kids. I don't know who you are, you've become a stranger to me.

    I honestly wish, that I could give up my feelings for him. I've loved him since I met him, many years ago, but have never been able to love him just as a friend. I knew from the start that we would never be more, but like the fool I am, I kept hoping for something. A sign that he loved me the same way, but my hoping proved fruitless, as my love was never returned.

    Every summer he would make a promise to me, that he wouldn't go. But the promises were never kept, and summers were wasted wishing for him. His mother would steal him from me, for six months a year. Six months of longing, wishing to see his warm chestnut colour hair, his dark brown eyes. From summer to the cold of December, my best friend was taken from me.