• Just the girl in the background.
    A silly girl.
    Weird, funny, hyper.
    Good for a few laughs.

    “Is this my fault?”
    “I just have to try harder.”
    “I'm not speaking up enough.”
    Thought the girl.
    But maybe the girl is unable,
    unable to get the thoughts out right.

    But she tried.
    She poured out her fears and feelings,
    but still holding back.
    Still afraid.
    She was not sure what to expect.
    It was her first time.
    But she felt no response from the ones she loved.

    “Maybe they think me incompetent?”
    “Have I just been bothering them this whole time?”
    In some odd desperation, she deleted her fears and feelings,
    hoping for some reply.

    She wasn't even sure they had noticed them missing.
    They had not noticed,
    when she read over their fears and feelings over and over,
    crying for them, hoping for them, admiring them.

    “Perhaps it's not really that big a deal.”
    They did not know what she felt, it was her fault.
    Her miscommunication.
    “Maybe I have too much need for attention?”
    But maybe she was not worth the trouble?
    There are others more important than her.

    So the silly girl,
    in the background,
    was lost and confused,
    scared and alone,
    once again.

    But still smiling. Still laughing.
    Still standing strong for as long as she can.