• Young children are very susceptible to how their parents are feeling. They might not know why their parents are mad or sad or stressed they just know their parents are and many children want nothing more than their parents to be happy. Happy parents mean happy children.
    In the Rockinghorse Winner the children hear the house whisper “there is never enough money they need more money.” They don’t know why they hear this they live in a nice house in a wonderful nursery with a nanny. The children know their parents are stressed and they want to help. The little boy takes it into his mind to become lucky, because his mom said her and his father were unlucky, and make money for his mother. He hopes that will make her happy and stop the voices in the house, but no matter how much money he makes his mother spends it quickly and wants more.
    This cycle of greed puts pressure on the boy, he just wants to make his mother happy but the more he makes the more she wants. Until the boy breaks under the pressure and becomes gravely sick he loses his life. A mother killed her loving son with her insatiable greed.