• John,

    I've put you through much and I'm sorry. Everything I did to you was

    mean, and I regret each day that I loved you. I know that I will never live up

    to the type of girl that you want. Nothing is ever as it seems. And now, in my

    last waking breaths, I say sorry one final time. I say sorry to the world. I say

    sorry to the people I've hurt. I say sorry to one person that cared. But, I am

    not sorry for dieing. This world was at peace before I was born. You were at

    peace. I took everything that was happy from you, and kept it for myself,

    trying to make myself happy. You have given me so much and I have given you

    so little in return. I'm sorry that we met. I'm sorry we talked. I'm sorry I

    needed you so much. I'm sorry for everything.

    ~Love Forever~