• Hello, im Sneakers a 16 year old girl who lives in California. My mom and dad just got deverse a year ago and i heard my mom is dating a new guy. She's dating this guy who seems to be rich. But i dont want to be rich i just want to be a normal girl, with a normal life. He also has a fear well job as a front desk 5 star hotel worker. I havent seen him yet, but last night my mom told me how charming he is. He well be coming over later to night to have a turkey dinner with me and my mom.

    Hey, mom? i said softly.

    Yes sneakers? my mom said as she was typing on her computer chatting with my Aunt Laurence.

    Why cant you just date dad again.i said well my mom was turning around to face me.

    Because you know darn right why i wont date your father again!

    The reason my mom and dad broke up at the first place was because my dad was to lazy watching football well my mom was working, cleaning the house and of course cooking him dinner.

    I want to be free,to be a teenager mom again. not a lazy husband slave worker!

    I know mom. but im 16 i cant handle this mom dating stuff. I said when my eyes were starting to fill up with water.

    My mom put her handles on my shoulder and said:

    Honey, your saying that now but when you see him and talk to him you well see what a great father he well make. my mom said with a smile.

    I pushed her hands off of my shoulders and said you dont understand! I set on the couch and my mom camed over to me and i scooted over.

    Sweety i do understand. when i was your age maybe a little younger my mom and dad broke up too. now look at your new grandpa is'nt he nicer.

    My tears went back in my eyes and i said:

    I guess if it is for you i well give it a chance.

    I stood up from the couch and made my way to my room.

    There was a little gift box sitting on my bed.

    My mom was standing in the doorway and said:

    open it, its from the guy im dating.

    i slowly opened it there was a miny card in the box it said

    I hope you like this gift and i hope you well accept me a you moms boy friend

    - From, Kevin

    I had a little smile on my face and mom came in the room and set on my bed.

    look at the rest my mom blared out.

    I started taking the gift rap out of the small box and the stood a small pillow that read:

    I love my family, good bless you all. Tears starrted to dribble down my face well i was hoding the soft pillow on my rosey cheek.

    to be continued please leave a comment heart heart