• *in the parking lot* "HELLO FELLOW COSPLAYERS!!!" i yelled at some teenagers dressed as classic superheros from the car as we passed by. "Azule, shut up! those guys were hot, and you ruined it!"
    "silly Mitsuki, is *love* all you think about? besides your way too young to be dating!"

    *finally at the convention* "Muwahahah!!!" i said as we entered the overheated, oversized white tent-thingy. "Azule, can you at least try to be normal for once?" i struck a pose and snapped back, "normal is highly overated!!!" i said to Mitsuki. Rin had the 'i've had way to much coffee this morning so that i could get over the fact that im dressed as Light from Deathnote' look on her face. yes, she was Light Yagami from Deathnote. Mitsuki was dressed as Sheska from Fullmetal Alchemist (i was dressed as envy without the palm tree hair). cosplaying is awesome, and we got in for half price cause of it.
    *half an hour later, after finally locating Vic Mignogna's booth* "Oh my god, she's dressed as Pocky!!1!"
    *MUCH talking later, and after ive written down the short rant for him*
    Vic: "now, are there any more questions before we - yes, you."
    Azule: "I HAVE THE CARD!!!" (the one wit the short rant)
    vic: "oh no, i should have called on somebody else! but you know what, you have to say it with me!"
    i got up and am right next to him. i went first.
    "May the flying hamster of doom rain coconuts down upon your pitiful city!!! MUWAHAHHAHAH!!!" i handed him the card after my signature bow.
    "flying hamster of doom... in ed's voice?" cheers from the fangirls.
    we hugged (yay!!!) and i sat down.
    half an hour later, in the car on the way home, i still had an adrenalin rush.