• Along time ago there was a girl that didn't have a very nice childhood. Her parents where never there, they always worked and when they were home they would sit around getting drunk, they never seemed to have anytime for her.

    She had no friends, and no one would play with her... she was all alone. The little girl soon became very saddened She would sit on her front porch and watch the other childern play and laugh.

    One day she was on her front porch when she noticed a poor defencless moth on the ground struggling to fly. She took pitty on the moth and gently picked it up off the ground and in to a near by planter.

    "There you go little guy...can't you fly?"

    The moth seemed to understand the little girl and showed her it's wing which was in tatters, she smiled slightly at the moth and said, "well little moth you can stay here...you'll be safe here i promise no one will hurt you...are you all alone?"

    The moth nodded, to the little girl it seemed to look sad like her, she nodded and said "I'm alone too...wanna be alone together?" the moth flapped its good wing and nodded happily and she giggled.

    "My name is Ginnifer...I'm going to call you moth okii" the moth nodded and she picked it up and put it on her shoulder and began to talk to her moth, telling it everything from why she was alone to why she had no friends, and it seemed that the moth listened and felt what she felt.

    Everyday Ginny came outside to talk to the moth, that was always in the planter, and everyday the moth was happy to see her, it would flap it's good wing when ever she came outside. One day Ginny noticed that the moth wasn't in the planter and she started to panic looking everywhere for it until she felt something touch her head, It was Moth, its wing had healed and it was able to fly again, Ginny smiled happily at moth because it was better.

    "Moth you'll come back and visit me right?"

    Moth shook its head and ginny frowned, "Why not..." the moth shook its head again and Ginny started to cry. The moth fluttered away and Ginny became depressed once more, everyday she sat near the planter hoping that her moth would come back but it never did, then one day Ginny came outside to see that her moth friend was in the planter again...but it wasn't moving, Ginny nudged it with her finger but it didn't ever flutter its wings, the moth had died, Ginny start to cry again but she stopped when something shiney caught her eye, right next to the moth's body was a little white ball, Ginny touch the ball and it moved, then cracked and a little tiny worm crawled out of it, Ginny smiled and let the little worm crawl up her finger.

    "Now I know why Moth wasn't coming back, she was gonna have you...You'll be my new friend right?" the little worm lifted its head and nodded and Ginny giggled.

    She'd never be alone again because moth would always be with her, in its childern and their childern and their childern, she'll always have a friend.