• I read autobiagraphies that start with the begining of the descent into darkness. Into this creature. For some, it's drugs. For others, it's family secrets. For people like me, it's an abusive school and an unlucky year. But are we realy to blame circumstances like this or ourselves for not having the strength to fight off this darkness? What is the real thing to blame? The world? Media? Music? Parents? Drugs? ALchohal? Sex? There is a thousand things out there that we blame, but whats the point? We have already fallen into this insanity. We already hope for revenge, and some of us go as far as completing this vendetta. This hate that consumed us and spewed us back as this "monster" that people try to change back into good. Those are the hopeless martyrs like Kaia. The ones that still believe in the simple basis of mangas and children stories: that good and evil are a scientific law of the universe. That they can create a utopia, a place of peace, and harmony.

    That would mean taking away opinion.

    My name is Black Bird, and it's the world that created me. I hope you're happy.