• Preface:
    I remember the day my best friend admitted that she was in love with Damion. It's like it was yesterday. She had spent the nite over my house as she always did on Fridays. We were up talking about our life as always and then she told me; Diana I don't love him, we're not meant to be. I knew she didn't mean that, she was just afraid, I cud feel her fear. Suddenly I got angry with her and said; Joanna stop it you always do this.. start something and don't wanna finish it. Just admit it Joa you love him, come on say it to my face.. say it out loud. YOU LOVE HIM!!!! She had a straight face and then she looked me in my eyes and said Diana your right; I do love him, I just never had the guts to say it out loud. I think I was afraid to love him she finished. Thank you I said as I let out my breath. I loved her to much to let her stop her love for Damion. In my heart they were meant to be together no matter what. Their love to me was amazing. How did you know I loved him Joanna asked me. I told her I'm your best friend girl what do you think I said as I punched her in her arm. If I would never be happy with the one I loved I would want my bff to be with the one she loved. And so now our story begins with the admitting your in love. heart