• Sometimes nothing goes the way you want it too. In life, you are supposed to be able to realize who exactly you love. Its gonna happen someday, and when it does, you will be able to know. But what happens when you don't know when..or if its the right one? What choice would you decide to follow?

    It all started just recently. I met this amazing boy. I mean, I've dated plenty of boys before but I felt like this was different somehow. I've been through so much that I feel like I know it all. So there was this boy who managed to catch my attention. I felt stupid at first, because he caught my attention even before I knew his name. How could that be possible? It would never work out. I shouldn't even try... so instead, I spent a lot of my time getting to know him. I really liked what I saw in him. He was caring, sweet, and everything I could ever want in a guy. So finally I decided to tell him how much I care. So I did.