• Look around you have you ever wondered what this world was coming to.
    Well I have and so far to me it’s not looking good. Many people are doing there part to help but is it enough could we be on the road to success or failure? Look at the ice in the Artics its melting and when it melts that means more fresh water witch means no fish witch leads to dieing sepses. Do you ever notice how one thing could lead to another in most cases its bad that it leads to. I wonder could the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” be true is that what may happen. If you haven’t noticed anything bad open your eyes where in a war, children are being miss treated, forgotten, unloved, people are dieing, pollution is an over mass, notice the weather changes look at how bad its gotten. Is this what we want for the future? Do we really want our children and generations to live threw this. The violence in most places is going down but I can tell you that every time I watch the news there’s a report of shooting, killing, and drugs. The law seems to be a thing of the past to people. Something that was written on stone and never considered important. The Police seem to have no respect at all. I have one question is this how the children of today should be taught? Think about it we are the ones that will be running the world and taking care of you. You may be going so you think you have to leave a mark on this world so your important but think once the kids of the world grow old enough we wont be going for some time imagine your own kids going threw a world that to me could be the most scary thing ever just take time to conceder how you effect the world. And if you aren’t doing to well change your life because you effect more then yourself. You affect the way everyone lives and how people to come will live. So just open your eyes and take my words into consideration.