• how could you do this to me?
    you were like my sister back in preschool you use to eat paste and i use to laugh and give you hugs we were inseperable two little girls who were carefree i loved you like a sister what happened to those memories the times we shared was nothing but a lie to you but sadly its painted on my heart you were there for me when nobody once else was i wish i never let you get close to me and touch my heart as the years went by we grew so much closer sharing secrets laughs jokes are dreams are thoughts tears hugs i swore to you id never hurt you i never did it was you who broke that promise you might as well have took a butcher knife stabbed me in the bache the pain was unbearable you hurt me so bad worse then id ever been hurt in my life i trusted you where did the memories go? sitting at my house or your house watching inuyasha and swearing we were like sango and kagome we were that close by that was a lie you lied to me i swore to you sisters until the end when i think of these beautiful memories the tears fill my heart and fall from these eyes do you even care what you have done to me my friend? you hurt me beyond repair i hate you but at the same time i dont because although you never ment those words you said i ment them i love you like a sister but i hate you so damn much you cut out my heart i never wanted to leave you it killed me when i hugged you goodbye as i walked away with tears streaming down my face i had to move and it hurt to leave you but you blamed me you said i betrayed you i left you alone when i moved and you were the way you are because of me as soon as you said those peircing words to me 100000 knives went through me you destroyed me i told you i knew the truth about you that you were just out to hurt me and you threthened to hurt my bf and the boy i loved and i hated you i hated you and if that wasent enough you stole my bf from me coming onto him with just a skirt you knew he was weak you played him to get to me i forever hate you my beloved friend so tell me why eveytime i think of those good times we had i cry?