• I think the "Aryan" race thing is just crap. Superior race? What's that supposed to mean? Are you kidding? The worst part about it is that they use Christianity as a tool to proclaim their ignorance. Burning crosses? What for?

    Let's make one thing clear- making fun of the Africans is hypocritical. All humans were created from Africa (studies show). Calling people ******, Cracker is stupid.

    The word ****** comes from Negro. The racists that say that they use that word all the time. Guess what? They know the don't mean it in a deplorable form.

    For the people who make fun of rap and judge it- let's get one thing straight. Get over it. Just because you don't like it does not mean you proclaim it to the world and say nonsense. Blacks didn't just create rap, they created jazz. The first female millionaire was black and the one who created the gas mask was black. Don't judge a type of music if you haven't really heard the music, if you never took the time to listen to them.

    Let everyone have their own culture. Let them be proud of who they are. But don't force things on them for that makes you wrong.