• Alot of tragic things have happened in my life. One of the most tragic was the day I lost my best friend,my grandfather. It happened July 13,2008. I was in Portsmouth,Virginia visting my family when my mom got a call from Baltimore and she just started crying uncontrollabley. At first I didn't know what was going on,because the nursing home was supossed to take my grandfather off life support July 10,she calls me into my father's room and said "sit down we have to talk about something". I could see in her eyes what was it we had to talk about and I told her "I don't even want to know" and I stormed out and she yelled "he's gone Gary he's gone" and she just held me and the hot tears started flowing down my face uncontrollabley.

    At the time of my grandfather's death I was currently in summer school,getting enrichment for Pre-Algebra so I would be ready for Algebra 1. When we got back to Baltimore my mom was busy making funeral arrengments. On the day of my grandfather's funeral,July 19,2008, everybody was sobing. I decided I had something to say, so I got out of my seat and walked to the podiem. When I got there I wiped my tears and said "Hello everybody.Yall know I'm the second grandson.My grandfather was a great man. You could tell him secrets and ask him not to tell anyone and he wouldn't. I remember we use to sit up all night watching scary movies,then go sit on the front porch and watch the sun rise while eating orange sherbert. Pop-pop was my bestfriend." Then i turned towards the casket and said " I'm going to miss you." Then kissed him on the forehead for the last time. Then everybody starded crying again. I was one of the last people to leave before they closed the casket.When I took my last look at my granfather it was like my legs were frozen in place. It took my Uncle Sheldon carrying me out of the funeral home. Before my Uncle carryed me out I'll never forget that peacefull look that was on my grandfather's face.

    What made me write my short story on this topic was that I have been getting in trouble in school and getting bad grades lately. When our interums came out on Febuary 27,2009 my mother and I had a long talk.She asked me "what I have been thinking about" and I said "nothing" but when she asked me the second time I said "I have been thinking about pop-pop." She said "what about him" and I said "I wish he was here right now so I could talk to him." My mom said "if he were here right now do u think he would be happy about these grades?" I said "no,but I just want him to hug me again.I just miss him." She then said " we all do son,we all do.Now this is the last time i want to have a conversation about these grades." So I said "ok."She said " son I love you and I know you can do better, I believe you can and so does your grandfather. Make him proud son. Make him proud." So finally I said "I'll make you and pop-pop proud,watch you'll see."