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    One day on March 27, 1991 a girl was born, a girl that was beautiful
    beyond compare. They said she was as beautiful as her mother. She had red
    hair and blue eyes. They named her Jasmine Rieanna Smith. The parents of
    this child were Marie smith and Eric Smith. Marie had hazel hair and blue
    eyes. She was an editor of a newspaper called “ The Falcon”. Her father Eric
    Smith had Red hair and brown eyes. He owned his own real estate agency.
    Jasmine was born in Brandon, Manitoba. Even though she was born there she
    would grow up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Jasmine was a good baby. They called her the “wonderer”. She loved to
    explore and wonder off were no one could find her. She was very happy and
    loved to play with her dad. Her mother said that they couldn’t have had a
    more wonderful baby.

    When Jasmine was in Kindergarten her mother caught a very bad case of
    cancer. She worried for Jasmine. If Jasmine came home one day and didn’t
    find her mother, someone would have to tell she was dead. She would be
    hurt. Mary knew Jasmine would be very hurt. Mary thought it was time to make
    a will for her and her husband. They entrusted everything to Eric’s brother
    John. John would get Jasmine if she wasn’t old enough and everything Eric
    and Mary owned including the agency. Mary had to tell Jasmine she was going
    around the world for a couple of months to write some articles for the
    paper. She didn’t think that she was going to get better in the clinic but
    she had to try. Mary was gone for five months then came back much better.
    They had done the best they could and she was going to live. Mary would
    never get rid of the disease. It just settled down for a while.

    Jasmine grew up not knowing that her mother had a disease. Jasmine was
    now 12 and very grown up. She went to high school and had lots of friends
    three main ones. Jessica Anthony, Mackenzie McGrath, and Mark Tangent.
    Jessica was strait A student and got everything right. She had Blonde hair
    and light brown eyes. She also had a boyfriend named Mark Tangent. Yes two
    of her friends they had been going out for two years and love each other
    very much. We call Jessica the Brainette because Marks name is the Brain.
    Mark and Jessica were alike in all ways. Jasmine was surprised they didn’t
    finish there sentences together. Mackenzie was the bad type she didn’t care
    about her grades and always went to the principles office. Mackenzie was
    still nice and that is why they liked her. Jasmine was fairly good in school
    she got mostly B’s. Jasmine enjoyed school very much everything was going
    right for her.

    One day when Jasmine was walking home from school a navy blue car
    pulled up beside her and grabbed her. She shrugged to get out but before she
    could. Someone hit her over the head with something very blunt and hard. The
    last thing she heard was the screeching of the car and a woman yell
    “Jasmine” really loud.

    When she woke up she was on a damp, chipped floor with a blindfold on.
    The blindfold was itchy and she wanted to take it off but when she pulled
    her hands up she noticed they were bound tightly with rope. She shrugged
    again to get her hands free but no luck. She started to cry she was scared
    and she had a bad feeling she was going to die. She heard a thump like
    someone with big boats was coming up a short set of stairs. A door squeaked
    open and a figure stepped in. She could him walking over to her he took off
    her blindfold. She could see a tall men dressed in black. He said “ poor
    Jasmine all alone and crying you must be so scared”. Anger came over Jasmine
    “ you jerk what do you want with me” Jasmine yelled. He started to laugh.
    She thought, “ why is he laughing” He looked deep into her eyes “ my dear
    girl it is not you I wanted I wanted your parents. I wanted you hear to
    watch them die,” he said. He took a gun out of his pants and went over to
    some people sitting in the corner. She realized that was the women who
    screamed and they were in the corner. “ You jerk, why. Why do you want to
    kill them? You must be truly evil if you would want me hear to witness it.”
    He took both of their blindfolds off. Jasmine stated to cry once again. Her
    mother looked at her and Jasmine knew she was so sad. He fired two shots
    into both of them. Jasmine couldn’t believe it. “ Noooooo, mom, dad. You
    jerk you killed them” Jasmine screamed. Jasmine limped over to them she sat
    beside her mother she cried. Her motion less body was too hard to bare. The
    man pulled out the gun again and shot Jasmine. Jasmine felt like someone had
    Just throw her off a building and she had landed in a pill of spikes. The
    man ran out the door.

    Jasmine knew she couldn’t fall asleep of she would die. She heard
    footsteps again thinking it was the guy coming to finish the job. She stared
    at the door and waited. A man in a brown coat and blue jeans walked in. He
    noticed her sitting in the corner. He ran over. “ Hi my name is Ralf Manson,
    I heard the gun shots when I was walking my dog on the trail and called 911.
    They will be here soon. Hold on okay” Jasmine felt motion less. The last
    thought she had was “I am surly going to die”

    Jasmine woke up in a hospital. She looked around and saw a nurse rush
    in the room. “ Hi I am nurse Sindy. Are you all right?” Jasmine nodded.
    Jasmine said, “ Where are my mom and dad? How long have I been here?” The
    nurse said, “ You have been here for a week and your parents didn’t make it.
    I am sorry. You friends and you uncle have been here to visit you lots.”
    Jasmine started to cry again. A couple hours later her uncle came running in
    a hugged her. He said he couldn’t believe his brother was killed. He said “
    I am sorry” Some men came to my house and said legally I have custody of
    you” He wished her a happy recovery and said he would be back tomorrow.

    Jasmine was in the hospital for five more days then they let her go.
    Jasmine was forced to move to Morris, Manitoba were her uncle lived. He sold
    the real estate agency for a lot of money. Jasmine and John lived in a Small
    country home an hour away from the city. Jasmine was given a tutor and was
    home schooled. Her Uncle was fairly mean. Jasmine was given the smallest
    room in the house. Even though there were bigger rooms not even being used.
    Most of Jasmine’s possessions were left behind. She took two suitcases full
    of clothes and left. Their house was sold and all there furniture and other
    stuff was given to charity.

    Jasmine never got use to the fact that her parents were dead. It was
    now two years later and Jasmine was 14 almost fifteen. Jasmine was still
    very unhappy. One day her tutor asked her if she would like to go camping.
    Jasmine was surprised but happy. Jasmine ran down stairs to ask her uncle.
    “Uncle John can I go camping with Mr. Hugenson” John thought about it for a