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    New Home chapter 4
    An aroma of pine trees and smoke awoke me up. At first my eyes couldn’t see anything it was too bright.
    “Good thing you woke up” a voice said.
    I blinked a few times until I saw a clear image. It was an old lady; she had wrinkles, enough to know that she was on her 70’s. Her clothes were antique, like for a village.
    “Where am I?” my mouth felt dry when I talked.
    “You are at your origin,” she said with a calm voice.
    “What are you talking about, where am I!” fear started to rise form inside I felt my blood rush everywhere. She reached out to touch me to calm me down, but instead I panicked and shoved back. I bumped into a shelf above my head; bottles and herbs went crashing on me. My head started to hurt and droplets of blood started to get on the bed’s quilt.
    I sighed and said “Oh great not again.” I rested my hand on my head and put pressure on it.
    “Don’t move,” the old lady demanded. She reached out and grabbed an herb and a bottle. She went to a chest and took out a cloth. Then she went to a table stayed there for a while.
    I looked around the room. Pretty much everything was made by hand. There were no windows that I could see around me. The walls were made of tree trunks and a type of mud or clay. The roof was made of bamboos and sticks. There was a big hole in the wall, which it should be the door, and it was covered with a big cloth.
    A sudden burn in my head got me to see the old lady’s deep eyes.
    “You aren’t trying to poison me,” accusingly I told her.
    “No, I’m trying to heal you… there we go in approximately one minute you will be cured.”
    I got confused, “but how can I get cured fast I’m…”
    “Be quiet child, let me explain.” She grabbed a chair and took a seat. “Well… so far what I know is that you already know that you have magical powers, right.”
    I just nodded.
    “Okay then, child you are our only hope,” I got stunned but just as I was going to say something she began to talk again. “Your mother was the most powerful witch and by the way in the royal category. As for your father, well he was not royal but he was a powerful wizard. Witches and wizards hate each other. Your mother and father made a big mistake in falling in love for each other. So they were sentenced to death since they didn’t want to break up. So they escaped and went on secret in your old home.”
    “So why did they came now, why didn’t they came sooner or later…” I started asking questions, but she stopped me.
    “They gave up five years later when they escaped, but someone who hated them so much wanted them captured, she burly knew now where they were and figured out that they had a child. And that child was the most powerful being in the magic world. You are the child, as well as the greatest magic.
    “But she doesn’t care that your powerful, she only cares that you are the creation of your parents love.”
    “Who is she?” I asked her. She kept quiet for a second; she took a deep breath and then spoke. “Her name is Alistay… and she is your aunt.”
    Shock came to me the most terrible creature that hates me is my aunt. She is the one in my dark visions. The one who speaks to me, the one who has my mother.
    “Why?” it was the only word I could choke out. She looked away and said, “no one knows… but some say she was as well in love with your father.”
    My head was blank. I didn’t know what to think or what to say. I just stared straight ahead with nothing to see. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw darkness.
    “Aw great what do you want now Alistay.”
    It looks like they already told you who I was little niece.
    “Yeah to bad they didn’t tell me why are you doing this.”
    Well I’m not going to tell you anything because it’s none of your business. But don’t worry I’m going to find you, even if they keep you nice and safe and out of anybody’s eyes.
    “Can you please leave, that way I can at least relax.”
    Fine I’ll call you later for heads up to death.
    “Yeah yeah just go,” the last thing I heard was laughter and then silence.
    I could see everything again. The little cabin, and the old lady. But something was new, there were hands holding me than a voice.
    “Victoria are you okay, Madam what’s happening to her.” A guy said worried.
    The old lady said, “She has gone in her head a conversation that’s it.”
    After a few blinks a got the feeling that someone was holding me tight and murmuring something on my hair. I raised my head to get a better look on who the person was. His eyes were somehow wonder and worried. He looked down on me, and I felt this sort of magic between us. I wanted to get closer to him; I wanted to get too close. Then I saw his face; he was one of the guys who betrayed me.
    “Get off me” I yelled at him. He dropped his arms and closed his eyes. He gave a little smirk. “Well it looks like you have your conscious back.”
    “Why do you care.” I snapped at him.
    He didn’t speak his face went to teasing to hidden sadness. I felt guilty, and I hated that. I was very close on telling him that I was sorry for being rude, but then the old woman came.
    “So child are you going to tell us, what did she say?” I turned to see the woman and responded, “She’s going to hunt me down.” The woman sighed. “We got to keep her safe.” A rough voice said.
    “I can take care of myself thank you very much,” I snapped. I got up and walk towards the door. But then I felt someone grab my arm with immense strength and yank me backwards.
    “You are not going anywhere, its are job.” He stared with fierce anger.
    I pulled back and step on his foot. He released me and fell to the floor grabbing his foot.
    “Damn it can you stop hitting me,” he told me.
    “Can you stop being rude,” I contradicted him.
    “She got you there” a voice said from behind me.
    I turned and a girl was there. She looked like in her fifth-teens just like me. She had a pair of converse and she was wearing black cargo pants, a black and white three-quarter t-shirt with two big silver skulls. One of the skulls had a bow and the other had a tie both of the skulls had black eyes and they were both surrounded by a lot of little skulls. She had hazel eyes and blood red straight hair. She also had a black and white cap with silver letters the said, “what are you lookin’ at!” As my eyes were moving up the outline of her body I noticed her eyes had this kind luminous evil glow in them. They were like two little but powerful magnets that pulled me towards them.
    She blinked and had stepped forward then said,
    “What’s with her?”
    “I think she is like that because it’s the first time she sees the closet thing to prefect.” I heard from behind me.
    “Ha! You know that trying to flatter me doesn’t get you any closer into having a date with me.” She told him. “ You need to do a lot more than that. Plus we need to…” she looked at me than gave a me an evil smile then she looked back again, “You know what!” My gut felt like it was closing in the moment he said those words to her. I felt like crying, I felt an awful pain in stomach and my heart.
    “I’m sorry, who are you?” I asked her.
    “Oh, my name is Sage.” She laughed a little.
    “Oh, your brother wants to see you, its about… well actually I don’t know and don’t care.” She directed to whoever was in back of me.
    “Sure I’ll see you later.”
    “ Can’t wait.” She said. As he walked passed me she walk toward him she stopped him when she grabbed his arm. She leaned in to him and kissed him centimeters away from his lips.
    I stood still for a while not knowing what to do. I felt blank. Then Sage looked at me with an unknown feeling, but for sure it was close enough to anger and rage. I looked away and gave a big sigh.
    “Sorry about your dad.” I heard Sage whisper.
    “We were too late for him but we still had hope that you might still be alive. But then we heard crash and huge light coming from upstairs. We all thought that the monster got you, so we rushed upstairs. But then the monster went crashing down stairs. Nick ordered the other hunters to finish the monster, while Ray, Nick and I went upstairs. We got to your room as you fainted.
    “Before you fell I saw your eyes, well I’m sure Ray and Nick saw it too, but anyway your eyes were pure white. It sort off frightened me. For me it was like if you had evil and good in your eyes. It was horrifying.”
    I didn’t understand what she was truly saying. A little o f confusion came to Sage’s eyes. I covered my eyes and gave a big sigh.
    “You know you look a little tired.” Sage told me.
    “No… I’m just a little worried.” I whispered.
    “Ah, please don’t be all sentimental on me, I’m not so good on that.”
    I gave a little smirk,” Yeah I kindda figured that out when I saw you.”
    She laughed and then told me “Okay you better get some rest or I’m going to get in trouble.”
    “Fine, don’t want to ruin your reputation.” Then involuntary I yawned.
    “Well see yah.” Sage turned and left.
    After she left I just lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. Eventually I drifted into sleep.