• Is there a reason to feeling the way we do?

    As humans, every single one of us will feel different emotions. No matter who you are, you will experience love and hate in their purest, soul consuming burn. You cannot escape loneliness, there is no running from confusion. There are moments in our life that we experience those feelings. We may dread them, or we may welcome them. Whatever you may have experienced, there are always many people that have felt the same way.

    We are bound by the chains from the core of ourselves, our nature, our being.
    There are influences and there are situations, but they only affect a portion of who we really are.

    We are unique, an adaptable species able to coexist with one another and our Earth. Uniqueness is beautiful and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Do we truly belong to any one person? Is there any purpose for us to be on this Earth?

    It all depends on what you believe.

    God may have created you, you may have been reincarnated. I’m not sure.

    We exist to find knowledge, we live to expand. I can’t be certain.

    I believe that there is an otherworldly being watching over us ((that doesn’t necessarily mean God)), the ‘Divine’ per se. I believe that we live because we can. Because we were meant to.

    Our human self is that of what we do, what we believe, what we think, and who we are. What do you think?