• A shadow jumping from roof to roof, gasping for air, running out of breath. Pound,Pound she heard the heart beats of her chaser behind her she sped up her speed. Blood flowing down her arm like a river, and the river was falling behind her leaving a trail for her chaser. Another roof top and another soon enough they were going to end and she would be a goner.
    The heart beats stopped and her speed slowed. What is she planning? the shadow thought to herself, wondering where her attacker could have gone too. She was running out of time the sun would arise soon and she was still miles form the hide out. Boom! A huge firgure jumped in front of her and the heart beats started agian. THe beasts bleach white shined in the moonlight.
    The beast, that the shadow's clan knew as a werewolf, slowly moved forward its red fur moving along with it. "Where do thy think thy is going?" the were spoken in a deep voice.
    "Thy does not need to know!" the shadow spat back with vemon in her tone
    One of the werewolf's claws raised in attack postion and stiked the shadow on the left side of the face. Blood pumped out of the side of the shadows face, and she screamed in pain from the wound that now torn half her face off.
    "Thy should have listened to me! Thy shouldn't have betrayed our family! Thy shouldn't have changed into a vampire! If thy hadn't done that thy would not be in this situation!" the werewolf growled, and striked agian, but down the vampire's back making more blood pour.
    The vampire turned to face her sister, and saw she had turned to human. Her cold black eyes staring at the vampire with hatred that no person could every have. Her red hair blowing in the summer wind, she walked closer to the vampire with a smirk on her face. "Thy will regret it if thy killed me sister!" the vampire threatened.
    "I am not scared of your foolish people! They will all perish to us, werewolves" the werewolf said back with no fear in her voice.
    The werewolf reached into her side jean pocket and produced a wooden stake. The easist thing a werewolf could carry without injuring themself. the wooden stake was carved to perfection, the point would strike fear to any vampire right down to the core of their soul. She walked closer to her sister, not minding the puddle of blood under her bare feet.
    She looked at her sister's have torn face and felt no pity for her. She raised the stake in a ninty degree angle and striked without hesiation. Blood poured out of her sister's mouth, and pumped out of her eye sockets. She smiled at the sound of her younger sister's scream of pain. She started to laugh, a wicked laugh that eachoed down every street in london.
    Down in the streets vampires all around stopped and bowed their heads in respect for the one they had just lost. "You will never be forgotten" the vampires love whispered and than contuined to walk path he was talking before he heard the laugh but this time he tkaes it alone.
    The vampires body went stiff, and stopped functioning. The werewolf released the stake and looked at the blood on her hand. She licked the blood and tasted the copper taste and started to spit it out. "I dont know how thy lived off this nasty stuff"she said with disguse to her lifeless sister's body.
    She didnt need the body beening seen, it would raise suspion. She saw te body was close to the end of the building and she smiled. "The perfect burial" she concluded.
    She kicked the body over the side of the building. "Have fun with your burial Athena, I will return to our family only to be called the great Annabeth, the one who killed her twin sister who betrayed the family" she annouced and changed form once agian and stood in the puddle of blood allowing her fur to soak in the blood of another victory. That is enough blood. Annabeth told herself.
    She started down the roofs agian to bring the news to her clan not knowing the one she killed will be advendged.