• The day she came to school, you could see all the guys drooling on her. Her shiny blonde hair, with her sea-blue eyes, made he shine out. The moment you saw her, she was the one that would take the popular seats. She would flirt with guys, and her shirt was always low cut. Her jeans, were worse. Always booty shorts. Nobody cared, but would just hang around her. She always had the hottest guys, and the best looks. She's rich, a snob, and a slut. There was a rumor one day, that she got pregnant with my boyfriend. I was popular too, but she had taken my spot. My boyfriend had dropped me before prom, and the word was that the new girl had gotten in bed with him, and told him to break up with me. There were always together. For sure. everybody knew. They were like glued hip to hip. To me, I was going to ruin her life. for stealing my boyfriend. You could actually tell she was pregnant after a few months. Her stomach got bigger, and started throwing up. There was no way I was going to forgive her. I would find a way. But ever since my ex and I broke up, we didn't talk as much. Then an idea stroke me so hard, I didn't know why I hadn't thought of it before. This was such a good idea, I swear, I could have been gifted for that idea of mine. Once I thought about it a bit more, I would be giving up lots of things.