• "Yes! There's no classes!"
    "Hey! What time is it?"
    "Yes.. ma'am!"
    "Yiiee.. my crush is just so gorgeous. 4laugh "
    "Classmates...pad paper. Please!"
    "Hey! May I borrow your ballpen?"
    "Have you done your assignment?"
    "Hey,*insertnamehere*! May I copy your answers? Pleeeaase. cry 3nodding "
    "Hey! Cleaners! Don't forget to clean up our room!"
    "Tss! You're so fraud! stare "
    "Haha! Bonus in # *insertnumberhere*! We're not zero!"

    THIS^ Lines that we'll never forget in highschool. Lines that we'll miss in highschool. smile

    High school is where everything starts - your development from a gawky kid to a confident teenager. High school can be scary because not all of your classmates from elementary will go to the same school as you. Especially on first days.. we'll feel anxious because of encountering new faces, we don't have to talk with, it is not that easy to introduce ourselves to others except to the person beside you 3nodding , and feeling awkward on break time seeing others have companion to laugh with while you, there, eating alone. xd

    But this one new student approaches you and will ask if she can dine with you. Then, there! You feel at ease now, knowing you're not alone anymore. 4laugh

    Friendship starts with this^. Making memories that will not forget. So, as we go on in highschool.. may we value the things we understood & received. biggrin