• Chapter 9
    Aya and Shadow; Discovered!

    I watched Aya run out of the room, terribly embarrassed. I thought it was okay. Shadow looks.. I don't know.. But he still looks out for you.. I thought. Shadows face became envisioned in my mind and I blushed. Can't...! I ran out in my costume, ready to battle. "I am about to follow my path. Lend me your powers." I muttered to the key, changing my phrase. It worked as it did before, and I walked out the front, wings attached to my back. Aya and Shadow had their keys out and working when I came out. "Kage-kun... Why do you like Nika?! You know how I feel..!" Aya suddenly said. Shadow, still slashing at air, "Because she is nothing like you. She is dumb yet smart. Cute yet not cute. She is everything." he replied coldly. "You on the other hand.. Your smart, cute and have common sense. " Aya began to cry furiously. "But isn't that good?! Isn't good to be all you just said?!" Shadow stopped, and looked her straight in the eye. "Yes.. But there is such a thing as too perfect. That is you.. And.. there is something about her that.. that makes me want to protect her." I was hiding, and heard it all. "But I told you! She... she...! She loves you too! She just.. She just won't admit it!" My heart hammered against my chest.. I.. I guess I do love him.. "She... she loves you too.. So if you told her, she would sincerely tell you..! But I.. I told you because I was strong! I was strong enough to face it! But you coldly turned me down! Just said, 'I have no reason to love someone!' But here you are..! Loving someone! Loving HER!" Aya yelled. "ENOUGH! You know perfectly well of what would happen if you get associated with me! You will face trouble, mystery and heart breaking truths. Something I know you cannot handle! So spare me the lecture and my life by not mentioning that!" Shadow said loudly. "She is strong. Stronger then you think. One day she will be the savior." I decided to come out a few minutes later when they continued to practice, a silence that was deadly surrounded us. "Uh... Hey you two.." I said awkwardly. I looked at Aya's face. "Why are you crying?" She wiped away her tears. "No reason.. Just sad that we're leaving.." I looked at Shadow's back and blushed hard. I flew up to check to see how wide the area was. For the first time, I realized how big it was. It had many forests, the koi pond, temples and a little village. I flew back down, with a gentle landing. "Aya... Who lives in that village?" She wasnt listening, as she was practicing her spells. I felt angry. She's avoiding talking to me now?! "That village holds the few people who believe you will save us." I turned. Shadow was looking at me. "The few..? What happened to the rest?" His red eyes pierced through me and it felt like he was looking through me as well. "The rest has gone. I banished them from here, for being non believers." I was shocked. "Um.. Shall we go while the night is young?" I jumped. It was Aya. Of course its her stupid.. I scolded myself. "Er.. Yes.. Lets go.. Shadow.. Aya.." Shadow nodded, and we followed him into the night.
    About 8 minutes later, we found the mirror that would lead us into the other worlds. "Stop at the one with the amusement park in the background." I stared at him. "Why an amusement park?" Aya gasped. "No way...! Really Shadow?" He nodded and went off into the mirror. "Nika.. Tell me honestly. Did you.. hear me talking to Kage-kun?" I looked down and nodded in shame. "I-I-I'm sorry..." She shook her head. "I'm sorry.. For interfering with you and Shadow. Please.. Tell him how you feel at the amusement park. He will.. That is why we are going there." Before I could question her, she took my hand and dragged me into the mirror.

    Chapter 10
    The Haunted House

    "There! I see it!" I pointed with my free hand to the place with a ferris wheel in the back. "Okay.. Hold on tight!" She jumped on air, and made her way towards the picture. Aya touched it, and we were sucked in. I was not knocked unconscious this time when we got there. We saw Shadow, resting against a tree. "Let's go to the park." We nodded and followed him. We made it all the way to the gate. "B-but.. How will we get OVER it?!" I looked up at the menacingly tall gate. "Jump or fly of course." Shadow said it as though I knew nothing in the world. But I took no offense this time. He jumped twice, one in midair. He jumped over the top. Aya and I nodded at each other and flew over. "Ah..!" I yelled. The wind blew, and my hair went over my eyes. Shadow pushed it away, his face directly in front of mine. "Stupid. Its just the wind." He pushed my black hair behind my ear, and turned away as though it was nothing. "See.." Aya whispered. I nodded with a red face. He led us on, towards a big house that looked abandoned. "This.. is the place." I looked up finally. "Eh..?!?!" It looked haunted. And the sign said haunted house too. "Noooo.......! I want to go back!!" I said loudly, trying to run away, tears coming into my eyes. I was only TRYING because Aya held onto me. "I.. I don't think hes going to confess Nika..." I stopped. "I wasn't thinking of that anyways!!" "Idiot... It's only a fake place." Aya went in. Nows my chance..! Shadow grabbed my hand. "You have to go in.. Aya has already gone now. No choice because you don't know how to navigate." I only thought of that now. I nodded glumly as he led me into the house. Wait.. what? Shadow was still holding onto my hand. He let go at the door as he opened them. "Boo!" "Ahh.!!!!!!" I yelled. I heard laughing. "Sorry..! I didn't think you would fall for it like THAT!" Aya laughed mockingly at me. "Hmph... Let's get this over with.." We walked into the house, guided by a candle we found at the door.
    "Wha.. What was that?!" I said scared. "It was just the wind, Nika." I was shivering, holding tightly to Aya. I let go. "Oh.. okay.." We continued our trek. "Ah.." Shadow said out of nowhere. I clutched back to Aya. The candle had burned out. I heard Aya scream. I held tightly to her. Shadow lit the candle again, and Aya was gone. "Where... Where did she go?!" I said. "I don't know.. Let go of me please.." Shadow said, rather annoyed. I realized I was still clutching to 'Aya'. "Oh..!" I let go, embarrassed. "Let's look for her.." I agreed and followed Shadow closely. "Ah!!" Something had went past me. "What is this mad house?!" "I don't know.. There's... someone controlling this place. Alive." he added looking at my face. I nodded, still quite afraid. "WHO DARES TO ENTER MY HOUSE?!" "Shadow!" I cried out of fear. I clutched Shadow's arm, afraid and crying.

    Chapter 11

    "Get... Off..!" Shadow struggled to get me off of his arm. "But... But I'm so scared..!" Shadow shone the candle light on my face. I looked up at him. His eyes were wide with concern. Why can I see his eyes? Only then I realized he had taken off his mask and left it at the front. "Fine. But you have to let me take out my sword when I need to. " I nodded and he continued to walk with me holding onto his arm. "I ASKED WHO DARES?!" the voice boomed again. "We have come for shelter! It is raining!" Shadow yelled. Beside us, coincedentally was a window. It was raining. The voice did not respond. We walked into a room. It was empty. Shadow walked into the middle of the room. "Nothing..." "Of course theres nothing!" I said. I walked over to him. The room was actually empty. Nothing to be seen. I clutched his arm again. Not because I was afraid, but because I wanted to. "Lets go.." He turned to go. "Wait! Did.. Did you hear that?" He listened more intently. "Oh crap! Let's go!" He ran, but was too late. He tried to turn the knob, but it broke off. He cursed. "NO EXCUSE! STAND OUT IN THE RAIN!" the voice boomed. "Ahh!" I screamed. The walls were caving in. We were trapped. We had nowhere to go. Shadow and I were trapped. And Aya was still in the house somewhere.
    The walls got slowly closer. "Don't panic!" When he said this, a thought came to mind. "Wait.. how is it Aya disappeared.. then THIS happens? Do you think she's doing this?" He shook his head. "That doesn't sound like Aya.." I began to cry again. "S-S-Shadow.... We wont ever see Aya again!" He looked at the moving walls angrily. "Dammit! Stop moving already!" I sat down, hugging my knees. "Shadow.. We're going to die.. here.." He looked at me, determined. "No.... no we aren't..!" This was I side I haven't seen of him. But he sat opposite of me. He looked like he had a headache. "This can't be happening.." The walls caved in on us. It was only room for us two now. But suddenly, the walls stopped. An evil laughter filled the room. "I'll keep you alive and let you leave. After all, I do have a playmate!" I looked up at Shadow. "Playmate?" we said in unison. "Kage-kun! Hime-sama!" We looked at each other, worried. In unison again, we said, "Aya!" "Thats right. Sir Shadow and.. oh whats this? A princess? Well, your Highness, your little friend is going to have some fun!" I heard Aya scream and something liquid-like falling. Blood.. I thought. "S-S-S-Shadow...!" I cried and fell into his arms. "Aya..!" I managed to say in between sobs. I looked up at him. His face glowed with kindness now. He had emotion written all over his face. "Aya.. Aya.. was right. I... I do love you. Do.. Do you love me?" Shadow looked at me, his eyes wide with shock. He looked away. "I..I do... but if your with me, I'll cause you trouble and pain..." he stuttered. "I..I'll cause you pain. I have secrets. Many." I shook my head and smiled tearfully. "Nothing is painful when I'm with you.. Hold me like this until daylight.. please.." I looked at his face. His warm, glowing face. He took off his hat and put it beside him. "But I'm tired.." I said something I never thought I would say. "Then hold me while you sleep."
    "Ha! Told you it would work if you helped!" Aya exclaimed. "Fine fine..." said another girl. "But what now? The man you love is... sleeping with her!" Aya smiled. "Her happiness is my happiness and thats all I need. Thank you alot, Altezza." Altezza smiled. "My pleasure."

    Chapter 12
    Let's play!

    "Mmm..." I awoke, not really remembering what happened. I breathed in the air. It smelt like... like Shadow. I opened my eyes and remembered. I had confessed to Shadow. He confessed too. We.. slept together. I hugged his warm body. His eyes gradually opened. "Mmm.. 'Morning..." he muttered sleepily. He seemed to remember what had happened as well for he smiled at me and sat up. I sat up too. I hugged him again. "Don't let go.. please." He pulled me away. "We.. can't tell Aya can we?" I nodded. "We can. After all.. I just found out something." I was looking up, and saw a camera. I pointed. "Sh- no. They saw it all." Shadow looked. "So this was all..."Shadow started.. "A plot to get us together.."I continued.. "So we would confess." we finished. We laughed and looked at the camera. "Thanks Aya..!" I said. He picked up his hat and put it on. Hand in hand, we walked out to the front. "Morning lovebirds!" Aya greeted us with a friend. The girl noticed me looking at her. "Oh.. Er.. My name is Altezza. I'm an old friend of Aya's. I live in the amusement park." "Now that were introduced... let's eat at Altezza's~!" She laughed. "Okay. Let's go." She led us out into the light. We went through the amusement park and found a lone house. "Please.. come in." It was a simple little house. Upstairs was a bedroom and a bathroom. On the main floor was a little T.V with a sofa and an armchair. Across the house was a kitchen. "Please take a seat anywhere you like." We sat at the table as she fried us bacon and eggs. "Um.. here. Sorry. This is all I have for now. For breakfast anyways." "Thank you for the food!" we said in unison and ate hungrily. Five minutes later, we were bloated with bacon, eggs and orange juice. "Wait a few minutes and we'll go to the park!" Altezza said happily. She looked at me and Shadow. "You two should change. Your not wearing casual." I nodded. "Aya.. Did you bring clothes?" To my surprise she did. I had a plaid skirt with long socks and my everyday shoes with a simple polo. I tied my hair because it was messy. Shadow had a black polo and jean shorts that went to the knees. Ankle socks and a pair of everyday shoes. We stood next to each other, looking like regular kids. "You two look like a school couple! Now.. Let's go!" We ran out the door and into the amusement park. "Aya and I will be a pair. You two the other." We nodded. "Let's go, Shadow-kun!" He smiled at how I called him 'kun'. He took my hand and we ran off to some rides.
    We went onto the merry-go-round first. "Shadow lets go ride on a horse!" I said childishly. He reluctantly agreed. We got on a horses side by side and talked to each other the whole ride around. "You look so cute on that horse Shadow!" "Easy for you to say it doesn't hurt." I laughed at his disgusting remark. "Then sit sideways!" He turned to face me. "Better!" But he got off and rode on the same horse as me. "Wha-a-a-at?!" "Well you see I'm not so great with horses." We laughed and got off as the ride ended. Then we went onto the teacups that spin. "Agh.... why did I choose this ride? I feel like throwing up..." I spun the teacup faster and faster. "Please Nika...! Stop..! I feel like I'm going to be sick!" I laughed. But he did look a little green so I stopped spinning it. "I feel sick because.. You aren't spinning fast enough!" We laughed and he spun us really quickly. " I'm getting dizzy!" I said a little loud. He stopped spinning and we laughed. We stumbled off of the ride. "What time is it?" I asked. He looked at his watch. "It's time we meet up with Aya and Altezza for the final ride of the day. Ferris Wheel~" "Yay!" I cried out. "I love ferris wheels!" Aya and Altezza were already waiting. "Finally!" they cried in unison. We got in line. Aya and Altezza were chattering rapidly. "What.. What are they saying?" I asked Shadow. "No idea.." They dropped their last tokens in and went on but Altezza stopped us. "Nope! Two to a compartment!" "Come on Altezza!" Aya yelled. She smiled smugly and went back to Aya. The man closed the compartment securely. Shadow and I dropped our tokens too, and took the last one, behind Aya and Altezza. "Er... Did I mention I'm not good with going backwards?" I looked at Shadow and laughed. We took seats opposite of each other. It was actually getting darker already. I yawned. "The teacups must have worn me out." "Same..." He sat beside me. "Want to sleep?" "No... Not until the ride is over." He smiled mischeviously. "Then let's do something memorable while were up here." He took out a permanent marker and wrote 'Kage' in little letters on the sill. He handed me the marker. I wrote down, 'Monica' and handed the marker back to him. "Hmm..." he wrote in very very little letters in between our names, 'loves'. We hugged and laughed. "They wont notice." I still fell asleep on his arm, because I don't remember anything after that.