• "Quick, get out!"
    "What, what do you mean? I'ts not like it's our fault!"
    "To hell with that! we HAVE to go...NOW..!"
    A monochromatic, dull, but shrieking alarm started to sound in the darkness.
    Rumbling feet could be heard down a hall, getting closer and closer, and they started breathing faster
    "Now what??"
    A door blasted open and the two coughed through all the dust blown in the air.
    Red laser beams darted trough the cloud and fixed onto them.
    But wait, what was this? A movie? Why was their silhouette only visible??
    The lights flash on and blinded...
    "OH FOR FUC..."
    And I awoke with my dull, monochromatic, shrieking cellhone alarm.

    Covered in sweat, and dreadfully exhausted like after running a marathon, I sat up in bed.
    Same...room? Something didn't feel right, my body also felt heavier.
    I tried to remember everything that happened in the dream, but more was just blank.
    I layed down again, sighing, placing my arm over my face.
    "So now what?" I murmured "...Maybe I should call Helen..?"
    Slowly my eyes got used to the light that shimmered between the curtains.
    Maybe going back to sleep would be better to relieve these stressfull thoughts.
    I reopened my eyes with the scent that brew beside me in bed...there was someone there.
    Turning around, I got up to pull aside the curtains to get some light in, but was caught baffled by the view.
    This was most definitely NOT my house, nor my neighborhood, and turning around I saw that the person in bed was a female, but who?
    "Hey, why did you do that?" she murmured, half asleep.
    Her voice was not of Helens', in fact, but familiar, though I couldn't remember from whom.
    "Hey..uh, good...morning?"
    My voice! What the hell? I didn't sound like this yesterday, and I checked my the watch beside bed.
    "Yeah, good morning, it's almost 11am...How'd you sleep?" i started, trying to turn a casual conversation into a questionnaire of some sort.
    "Good, I'm feeling great after last night.." she said, and sat up with the sheets falling and uncovering her undressed body.
    "Oh, uhhh, could you..?" and I stuttered some words that made no sense.
    "What? you weren't like this last night...oh, no no no no..." The girl looked at me with sad and frustrated eyes.
    "What's my name?" she asked...and I just opened my mouth not knowing what to say.
    I closed my eyes for a moment and I couldn't remember a thing, just what happened yesterday...was it yesterday?
    "Again...three times this year...I guess I'll have to get used to this."
    She sighed, but got up from bed and walked towards me, running her finger down my chest. "Get a shower first and we'll talk."
    So I did.
    The house was very similar to mine, at least it seemed like mine. The thing is de light switches placing was off and the windows were also different.
    As I closed the bathroom door I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and turning to see...this wasn't me.
    I mean, well, it WAS me, but the way older version of me...somewhat 15 years older, maybe?
    The water was warm enough, and my mind kept trying to connect unexisting dots.
    She walked in left me a towel, and checked me out with a grin.
    "When you finish, come and have a bite, we'll talk then.."
    I started to rethink every person I had come across, she was so familiar; gorgeous too...nothing.
    I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed to the kitchen table, it was meant to resemble my old house afterall.
    Taking a seat, we exchanged table manners and I looked into her eyes.
    "So, who are you?" and with that question I saw her eyes tremble. That simple question was one I should've not asked, her voice came out thin.
    "I'm Jadens' sister, Felicia, but people call me Felix because it's easier to remember."
    Suddenly I remembered, in slow-mo, some quite girl walking behind us when going to school when we were with Jaden.
    "You're Felicia? That quiet girl?" and she nodded.
    "Wait, so I remember you and the rest like if it were yesterday...but these last years...?"
    "I don't know how to explain it, after Jaden dissapeared and that mysterious tune came out, everything changed, even you."
    Jaden dissapeared? Tune? Did she mean my tune? But how was that possible..? And what about the rest? I suddenly found myself flooded with all these thoughts and unknowingly stood up, nervous.
    "Oddr, sit down, breathe.." Felicia said, pushing me back into my seat, and offered me some coffee.
    "I don't drink coffee..."
    "You have been...at least for 10 years now, addicted to it."

    That moment kept coming back to my head, I remember it clearly. The scent of coffee, her sad eyes, the dull morning; it all made no sense whatsoever.
    Having no memories, it was something I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams, but it happened.
    I took a sip of that morning brewed coffee, feeling it's harsh and lush flavour...I did drink coffee.
    "tell me everything...Felicia".