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    At times like these, mom and dad always told me never to wander off too far from the village. It’s never safe out beyond the barriers and that only adventurers and plasteel rank members are strong enough to venture that far; yet here I am, running into the woods, away from raiders, away from a place that’s supposed to be safe, away from home. They just came out of the valley, hellbent on pillaging and taking whatever they see of value, we didn’t had much time to defend ourselves, not even to ask the nearby guild for help. I am sure it’s too late even if they did come. I just ran out of fear.

    I had a choice, to stay, to accept a fate that was made for me, to stay with my parents, yet here I am in more danger than i figured. Unsure of what lies in the forest or whether I’d be saved or eaten alive.

    Pushing aside bushes, not looking behind or around; I just ran to where ever is far from something that could be me own certain doom, but the weighing guilt I feel for abandoning my family, my siblings, my friends. I want to look back, to hope that they’ll at least be spared, except I didn’t, like a coward I didn’t. The only things in my way were bushes, tree trunks, and a never ending forest. Rushing through, it feels like I might faint from all this running, everything started to look like it’s stretching far too long for me to even pass by and where my eyes are focused on, that’s all I can see.

    I need to rest, but my legs won’t stop running. The fear kept me going.

    It felt like hours had past, but no matter what it feels like, all I can do is run until I can’t run anymore, it’s been hours and all I hear are my feet crunching against leaves and and twigs as I ran over them. It feels like I need to keep running, even if my legs might give in. Running through bushes, until my legs stretched too far down; I’m not sure what happened.

    Now it feels cold, my body feels weightless except a powerful force manipulates my body to flow with it, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe; everything was blurry. Something rushing around me is all I hear, the occasional thudding too, but I couldn’t focus on that. My head hurts so badly, my arms, my ears, and it’s hard to find my breath, where am I? It tastes like iron, but warm around the back of my head, I’m not sure what’s going on, maybe this is where I’ll die, somewhere I don’t know, I’m scared.

    It’s strange though, something much colder feels like it’s wrapped around my torso, now I feel the full force of what’s been dragging me, however this feels more stronger than the other. Ah, I’m so tired to think, too tired to open my eyes, it’s too dark. But the force that dragged me feels weak, it wasn’t as strong now and what’s wrapped around my torso continues to pull me away, pulling me upwards. I want to see what it is, since my eyelids seem like light is touching them, I opened my eyes slowly to see what’s happening, it’s too bright, it’s not the sun though, everything around is too dark except for the bright light.