• “The nerve of that guy,” Luna fumed, pacing around the apartment as she and Harlow readied themselves for bed.

    Luna could still feel Emmet’s arrogance radiating from his words. She had never felt so spoken down too and offended in her life. Humans being condescending towards her was one thing, to be treated in such a manner by a fellow witch was humiliating.

    “All because they have special powers and blah blah blah,” Luna mocked, slipping into nothing but an over-sized shirt before heading into the kitchen to make herself a snack.

    “Luna, honey let it go,” Harlow begged, heating up a slice of yesterday’s pizza.

    “Screw him and the entire council. Thinking their special just for being spirit magic wielders,” Luna continued, “Lets see them handle multiple types of magic at once. Lets see them handle both the lig-”

    “Luna!” Harlow nearly shouted, cutting her off.

    Harlow was unsure how much longer she would be able to hold out against Luna’s never ending rant. Luna had started speaking of some Valor member who had approached her in the shop the moment they began walking home from Agnes’s, and it didn’t seem as though she would be shutting up about it anytime soon either.

    “Okay!” Luna sighed in defeat, cutting herself a slice of chocolate cake.

    “Thank you,” Harlow said, “I doubt you’ll ever have to see that punk again anyways, and if you do, I’ll handle him.”

    Luna laughed, remembering how Harlow used to protect her back in school. Being three years apart, they didn’t spend very much time together in the same schools, but the years they did spend together there had been the best time for Luna.

    “I just, I hate to be talked down to is all!” Luna huffed, taking a bite of her cake as she still stood in the kitchen.

    “I know, I am very aware of how you feel about the subject,” Harlow sighed.

    “Alright I am done with the subject,” Luna spoke, muffled behind another large bite of cake, “I’m going to bed!”

    Harlow smiled, sending Luna off to bed with a goodnight. Today had been tedious and overwhelming, both girls were glad to have their heads hit their pillows.

    The air surrounding Luna was icy, wrapping around her like a blanket. She sat up quickly, turning her bedside table. Silently she sat, waiting to hear the sound of the heater rumble throughout the vents in the house. Twenty minutes passed before Luna sighed, bracing herself as her bare feet touched what felt like ice.

    “Oh god dammit!” Luna gasped, grabbing the nearest sweater near here. She was grateful when the over-sized, black sweater covered her small frame. Luna quickly put on a pair of jeans before pulling on her shoes.

    ‘Five a.m.’ Luna thought, lacing her shoes, ‘My heater has to go out at five a.m..’

    Luna brushed her long hair before heading towards Harlow’s bedroom. On her way, she attempted to turn on their living room light, discovering it wasn’t just their that was heater out. Luna hung her head, her hand still flicking the light switch as she attempted not to cry from frustration.

    “Harlow!” Luna called, knocking on her bedroom door, “Harlow, hon, get up, we have a problem.”

    “I know we have a damn problem! It’s FREEZING!” Harlow yelled, throwing her door open.

    Harlow’s hair had been tied into a messy bun, a white hoodie on with Nike sweatpants, her fuzzy boots already pulled all the way up to her knees. Luna couldn’t help but attempt to hold back a smile, Harlow hated winter with a passion, and it seemed as though this season was going to push her over the edge.

    “It’s not the heater, so that’s the good news,” Luna spoke, watching as her breath appeared after each word, “The power’s out. Which means we have to keep an eye on the shop, considering the last time we had a power outage someone tried to break in.”

    Harlow looked at Luna, her eyes beginning to well with tears. Luna rolled her own, telling Harlow she would meet her down in the store. She made her way back to her room, grabbing her backpack filling it with a few books and other objects to keep her busy throughout the day. Before leaving, she left a heat spell on each of her plants, ensuring they wouldn’t die from the severe cold they seemed to be having lately.

    Luna began her descent on the staircase, Harlow following soon after. The pair walked in silence, making their way to the front of the store. Each of them lazily made signs, explaining that they would be closed until the power came back on. As Luna made her way to one of the large windows of the front of the shop, she gasped, finally realizing how severe the storm had been last night.

    Luna looked on through a flurry of snowflakes, flowing lightly together in one direction as they piled higher on the already gone sidewalk. They sparkled in different colors, perfectly reflecting the sun rise that surely stood no chance against the days storm. The front door’s path had already been blocked by three feet of snow, although, judging from the look of the frozen streets, Luna wasn’t worried about anyone coming by today.

    “This,” Luna spoke softly, “This isn’t normal.”

    “What do you mean? The weather has been awful this month.”

    “Exactly,” Luna answered.

    Harlow looked at her, asking her to explain to her what exactly was going on her mind. It was too early to be giving her something to think about.

    “When has New York ever seen this much severe weather?” Luna continued, “This is the work of a powerful witch, can’t you feel it?”

    Harlow shook her head as Luna sighed. She remembered how different Harlow was from her, at least magic wise. While Luna was able to control and conquer multiple types of magic at once, Harlow was strictly as crystal magic Witch, learning the trade from her grandmother.

    “Look!” Harlow exclaimed, pointing out into the storm.

    Luna looked, her eyes resting upon two bodies who were fiercely attempting to trudge through the thick snow. She pressed her face up onto the glass, allowing herself to get a better look at what appeared to be two men. One appeared to be leaning on the other, holding his side as though his life depended on it.

    “Come on,” Luna said quickly unlocked the door, trying to pry it open. There was a way these two would make it a hospital on foot, and no emergency vehicle would be willing to risk it in this weather. Luna wasn’t exactly sure what made her want to help two strangers so quickly, but she did feel as though she had to do something.

    Harlow quickly followed Luna, helping her with the door, feeling the mixture of wind and snow hit her face. The pair wiggled through the door as swiftly as possible, attempting to run towards the two men only fifteen or so feet away.

    The air seemed thick to Luna, despite the obvious chill that seemed to have embedded itself into her skin. The wind sent her hair in different directions, not aiding in her already horrible vision. Luna could already feel her fingertips beginning to throb. If they didn’t help these men quickly, Luna was going to be of no aid.

    “Hey!” Luna shouted, waving her hands above her, “Hey! We can help!”

    The two men waved weakly as they continued towards Luna and Harlow. They each walked towards each other, meeting halfway as Harlow helped carry the injured man into the store. They settled the men down at a table before hastily closing and locking the front door.

    “Move, please,” one of the men spoke, quickly getting up as he walked towards the door.

    Luna opened her mouth to protest before the man began to speak what sounded like incantation. A white flash of the light washed over the front doors in a thick blanket, before the man collapsed.

    Luna kneel at the man’s side, pushing his copper-colored hair away from his face. Luna gasped, pulling her hand away from his face as she found her feet.