• [New signal acquired, establishing connection]

    [connection successful, enabling audio]

    [Expunged]: *yawn*

    *door opens*

    [Redacted]: Hey [Expunged] how's it hanging?

    [Expunged]: I'm doing okay, I just got back for world [redacted], though spending a year there makes you feel homesick. Though it's interesting to be in a civilization that's around the castle age with monsters that would mostly terrorize the kingdoms.

    [Redacted]: Well you seem to have had a great time there since you brought back a pet.

    [Expunged]: Well that one was one of those monsters who terrorize the townsfolk near its den, though, I decided to "befriend" it so now you could say it's my... guard dog...

    [Redacted]: Oh. Oh~ *giggle* I see, well seems like you two had fun while living there.

    [Expunged]: Yes, going up against hunters who'd go after him or bandits that would try to rob me is fun. Besides I know you wanna study him and stuff like that so I got you a list of things I've observed about him and his biology.

    [Redacted]: *chuckling* thank you <3, although it would've been fun to cut him open but I had a feeling that the people of that world didn't label him as the Bone Gremlin for nothing.

    [Expunged]: Mm mm, oh another thing I forgot to add, I'll just put a few on paper so you can know and also the hot iron weapon that's affective at dispatching other monsters don't work on him. His skeletal armor absorbs the radiant heat and if that's the case then his flesh is impervious to any "fire" attacks, so all other attacks are well useless.

    [Redacted]: Oh so that's why you had to resort to a different tactic?

    [Expunged]: Well I had to think of something though after a few attacks it didn't saw me as threatening so it just mocked me before I blinded it.

    [Redacted]: Well I guess taming was the only way to control it. Still it's amazing to think that this creature being able to shrink to the size of a great dane when you brought it back here. What's its max height?

    [Expunged]: Hmm if I remembered correctly, it would be the same height as a 4-story building.

    [Redacted]: I see, hmm maybe we should send an expeditionary force to collect samples from the monsters in world [redacted], we might find other amusing creatures like him. He's only an 8-star monster right?

    [Expunged]: Yeah, the max would be 44-star monster, but anything beyond 20-star is meant to be handled by an entire clan and not a single individual. Sample collection would be difficult for our guys though.

    [Redacted]: True, we'll just have to put them through training and adaption tests. Oh hang on I see another bug I hate.

    [Expunged] !@#$ that thing look like a brown recluse! KILL IT!

    *loud thud*

    [Redacted]: Still thought you'd be able to kill him though.

    [Expunged]: Thought he would kill me as well, but he didn't.

    [signal lost]