• [ Unregistered signal detected, connection to unknown signal established ]

    [ audio only ]

    *muffled music*

    *Door creeks open*

    [Redacted]: *whispering* [Expunged]? Got your earphones on? *Giggling* BOO!!

    [Expunged]: AH!!!! *loud thud* Damn it [Redacted]!

    [Redacted]: *Giggling* Well I'm glad we don't experience foresight anymore, now it'll be fun to prank you like that.

    [Expunged]: Wish I still had foresight cuz I don't enjoy jumpscares. Your's are somewhat tolerable but now I'm back to a scaredy cat.

    [Redacted]: Hmm well at least we gained some of our humanity trait. It always seem better to predict rather than knowing what's about to happen, besides I know you miss my scare pranks.

    [Expunged]: We're not in middle school anymore, even though you've been scaring me all the way to college. Though I feel mortally wounded as guy my height and physique.

    [Redacted]: Aww, I'm sorry for contributing to your feline reflex, although that trait is quite useful isn't it. Time may have little influence on us in aging but for the countless times we tread a battlefield for our cause continues to stack as days go by.

    [Expunged]: Well I can't deny the usefullness of it, still we can die eventually.

    [Redacted]: True, though it's ultimately impossible to. We do give our enemies a hard time to kill us even though the wounds they inflict would kill a normal person. *giggle* Like that last time when that terror group rammed you with a piledriver mounted on that combat exo.

    [Expunged]: Yeah, still a 20ft machine like that gave me a really bad back pain.

    [Redacted]: Hmm I guess I'll need to check on why your cells won't accept your skeletal composition, still you did tore off the pilot out of the cockpit along with the hatch. Gruesome stuff y'know.

    [Expunged]: I should actually find out why you prefer sitting on my lap, at least you're in your female form, but in highschool you actually made yourself look like a girl so that you could actually sit on my lap.

    [Redacted]: There's nothing wrong with me being clingy, besides you've never complained in highschool. *Giggle* you going on about going with the flow.

    [Expunged]: I'm quetioning my youth now.

    [Redacted]: *chuckling* Well at least with how I am now, you're okay with it.

    [Expunged]: Perverted cross-dresser...

    [Redacted]: Your perverted cross-dresser to be exact.

    [Expunged]: Anyway, no word from Black Gate Factory?

    [Redacted]: No, communications are still out and our attempts at opening the gateway, failed. We even tried opening a new one but the field was highly unstable, so travel there through the gateway is a no go.

    [Expunged]: 是的,不幸 as always when it comes to that region. Think we should've listened to her?

    [Redacted]: 5k headcount with no way of being able to come back home or no way of contacting us? Well the committee still wanted that region for the rare resource deposits and since there aren't any other human civilization there, we've got no restriction to developing new methods, arsenal, and field aide.

    [Expunged]: I can't shake the feeling that we may never see all of them, the facility may have automation to contribute work safety, but most of the important functions require human interraction otherwise the base won't operate even at 25% operation, all major functions with cease and well that would mean no weapons, aide, or field stragety.

    [Redacted]: Well we'll just have to keep trying on our part and hopefully Avi got everything under wraps.

    [Expunged]: You does share some of your personality, I'm just worried about Arcadia.

    [Redacted]: Same here, I wonder if she still has hope in her programming. She might need it more in that region than any other place we've set foot on... Well this roach might be a different thing.


    [signal lost]