• mad and crying
    i see the person i love almost die i can not contol my power i have to let go i have to
    i try to kill them but i only expose my self how could i how could i try and fail smilies/icon_crying.gif
    some: stop it ok you are killing me
    me: *turns around* stop what i oh (my love) jellal
    jellal: yea who else
    me: mabie ice or salamandor or sally
    jellal: smilies/icon_lol.gif oh ok ( he is here)
    me: i i love you *hugs jellel*
    jellal: nice to hear that
    sallamandor: *walks up* what is this YOU CAME BACK smilies/icon_cry.gif
    me: yea i do not know why left
    sallamandor: *hugs me* i can't tell you how happy i am (my brother it is good to be back)
    me: yea me too
    sally: are you comeing sallamandor FOX YOUR BACK
    me: yea i am
    sally we miss you (i missed you guys to but i can't stay)
    me: well i did to let's go
    them: *glance at one another
    me: what happened
    sally: there is not much to go to
    me: what happened to our home
    jellal: we had a attact we tryed to but
    sallomandor: they got us and we lost our powers
    me: not for long *lits up* i did not i have mine still i will not let some one kill me and my HOME
    salomandor: but you risk your life doing this
    me: so what we do every day in this world we have so much
    jellal: we do *nods*
    sally: *nods*
    salomador: let's start with jellal's power it is on the south side
    me: he was the powerfulest he would have did that best or have the best gards on it
    sally: true you sallomador
    salomandor: no i am second powerfulest
    me:try therd true
    sally: me then
    me: ok let's go *grabs all of them and flys to the north* i gessed
    them: *nods*
    sally: lets go
    as we go in we find a villon i fight and beat him
    me: easy a little to easy there it is
    power: STOP PUZZLE
    me: puzzle?
    sally every power has a puzzle you must solve who do you chouse
    power: you *glow*
    sally: *eyes glow*
    after 30 min they stop she gets her power wings
    salomandor: my turn
    as we get to the east side we find his me and sally fight a harder monster
    power: PUZZLE
    sallormandor: who do you chouse
    power: you *glows*
    salomandor: *eyes glow*
    this must have been a hard one becase we had to wait 15 hours or my brother is not a good puzzle solver but he got his power chang into any animal
    jellal: my turn in the pales of the eval peaple
    me: so we just fight them *i light up in red*
    them: *nods*
    me: *holds out hand and sword appers* i will not let your powers disaper
    them:*wispers to each outher*
    as we get his back when we do i hope we will i hope this war will end