• “Cross, you can’t do this. Not to me.” I whispered, not knowing what else to say or what to do as I stared at his back. The snow began to fall silently in the cold air. He couldn’t leave me, not now, not ever. I needed him just as much as he needed me.
    “Avelia. . . I have to. If I don’t-” He paused and slowly turned to me and I watched his dark cold eyes knowing there was nothing that could change his mind. Or change the feelings I had in my dead un-beating heart.
    For the very first time in over a hundreds of years, my eyes started to conjure up tears and I felt my body go cold. Colder than it has ever gone before. Could it be because of the cold air and snow that was falling down and resting on top of my head? Or could it be because I had fallen for this dark, mysterious boy when I had promised myself I would never let myself fall in love.
    I closed my eyes tights letting the tears slowly drop down my cheeks. I couldn’t do anything to stop him, he would be gone in minutes, maybe even in seconds out of my life. Would I even bare it?
    After everything him and I have gone through, he couldn’t leave me alone like this. He couldn’t leave and face everything in our dark world alone. I had to go with him.
    My eyes quickly opened up when a cold finger slightly pressed against my cheek wiping away my frozen tears. Cross was right in front of me leaving hardly a shimmer of air between us. A small droplet of water fell off his black hair and onto my nose as he leaned in close and placed a soft kiss on my numb lips.
    “Avelia, I don’t want to hurt you again. It would destroy my soul if anything were to happen to you because of me.” His dark eyes bore into mine and I felt a warm feeling surround my body, one that I have never felt in my life.
    “Don’t leave me. Not again.” I whispered, placing both hands on his cheeks and holding his face close to mine.
    With a sigh, he placed his hands over mine and closed his eyes. “Avelia, I don’t want to leave you, but I must.” He then placed my hands back to my side watching me slowly.
    A small wind of snow hit my face making me close my eyes and look away. When I looked back and opened them again, Cross was nowhere in sight, not even his footprints were there. Only the lingering warmth of his lips was left.