• We go back to the year 1726. We are on a Pirate ship somewhere near the French coast.
    The captain is looking out of the window from his cabine. It's sunset but already dark enough to cover his face.

    The door opens, it's creaking loudly. Two of his crew members are dragging a hostage in.
    One of the two men is telling, that they just caught him while he was sneaking around the deck.
    The hostage is making a fast move and frees himself.
    He is rushing towards the captain. A shot is heared. The hostage is down on his knees.
    He is holding his shoulder.
    "Please don't do that anymore Oscar" does the captain say with a boastful smile on his face.

    Oscar asks suprised and upset "H-How?! How could you...?! Who are you?! Tell me!"

    The Captain: "Ohh Oscar, * tch *, how could you forget your old Friend?"

    Oscar: "Old Friend? What do you mean? Which old......"
    The captain emerges from the shadows to the lights of sunset and shows his face.

    (The scene my Avi is showing)

    Oscar is shocked! "N-....N-No!.... this can't be! t-this just can't.......be,......IVAN!!! It's You!!"

    Ivan: "You don't say, Oscar. You don't say"

    Oscar: "BUT HOW?!?! This day. 12 Years ago. I saw how you died Ivan. I saw it!"

    Ivan: "* tch * You pathetic little....... You are wrong! You just saw me falling down that cliff! and why? because you let me go!"

    Oscar: "But Ivan....I was a little boy. I just...... I couldn't hold you anymore and....if I have to be honest....I was afraid of falling down with you. I was afraid of dying"

    Ivan: "What an irony. *Ivan walks around and spins his pistole around his finger* You was afraid of dying and I WAS actually dying because of that reason haha.
    Isn't that funny Oscar?....... *Ivan is staring into Oscars eyes and his face turns seriouse*.......Isn't it?

    Oscar: "But how did u survive? You had to be dead!"

    Ivan: "I know, I should be dead but you still see me infront of u dont you?"

    Oscar: "............Now just tell me! How!"

    Ivan: "Well Oscar you know....the only thing i remember from that moment........was your face. It burned into my brain and didnt let me go all these years. When i woke up again I was on a ship. This ship. Pirates had saved me. Year by Year i travelled with them. They became my family and they made me to their Captain. They all swore me loyality till death.

    All these years i lived on a rampage as if I would be on trance.
    I felt myself like im still falling and it wouldn't end anymore. Everytime I felt that way, I instantly saw your face infront of me and how u let me fall down. It was all your fault Oscar. You are the reason why I became this.

    That's why i just wanted to.......*Ivan Reloads his gun and aims for Oscar again*.......thank you Oscar.........thank you for everything" *Ivan smiles*

    Oscar: "No Ivan wait don't do that. Listen! NOOOO!!!"

    ...........to be Continued.......