• Note from me: So this isn't much. ^^ One of my first role plays ever! But I have to admit, it gets better later on. So full of Drama, Love, and DEATH! Maybe, figure it out biggrin . A friend said I should get back into it since I've written the story. Two months of writing down the drain? I THINK NOT! Well, tell me what you think. It's not as improved as it is later on. XD Can't blame a slacker!

    Impossible landlady
    Possible friend

    The sun slowly rose up from behind the mountains, crawling up the trees and brushing away the morning mist. The rays of light slowly pierced through the teal curtains that swayed slowly in the morning breeze. Slowly dancing with the wind, they tickled a young mans face gently. Suddenly, he sprung up and tore the curtains down, clenching it within his fists. "Stupid curtains! Stupid sun! Grrraaaah! I just want to SLEEP!" He tossed the curtains aside and stared blankly out his window. His mouth half open, his eyes half shut, and dark bags under his eyes. "Thanks to that damn neighbor of mine... I couldn't... get..." He slowly dozed off, falling face first onto his pillow. A few seconds later, he began twitching, jumping up in bed and kicking his wall. "BACK DEMON! *Awkward Silence* Eh... I was dreaming..? I could have sworn something was trying to suffocate me..." Yawning loudly, he fluffed his pillow and placed it in front of him. Debating whether to fall back asleep or get breakfast, he slowly got up and stumbled to his mini-fridge. "Mmm... I need some water..." He popped open his fridge when there was a knock at his door. "Huh? This early? I wonde-" He froze in place. Chills shot up his spine like needles.

    From the door, a women's voice was heard. She spoke softly and gently, "Kenji..? Are you up?" She knocked on the door a few times. "Kenji? Wake up please..."

    He gathered his cloths and slowly and quietly made for the window thinking to himself, "I gotta get out of here! And FAST!" As he neared the window, he stepped on a creaky board. Again, he froze, stiff like a rock. The silence flooded his room and it seemed as if time had stopped. A sweat drop slid down the side of his face, gliding down to his chin and clinging on for dear life. The door slightly creaked as he looked back.

    Then, all hell broke loose.

    "Kennnnnjiiiiii! COME OUT HERE!" She screamed in a terrifying voice, punching a hole through his door. She slowly pulled her arm back and glared through the hole. All he could see were flashing red eyes. Not just any eyes, but the eyes of the devil himself. He took another step, then leaped out the window as the door exploded into shavings. "RENT IS DUE!" She shrieked as her pale arms reached out for him.

    He looked back and smirked, winking at her before he landed. "Oooi! You're looking quite beautiful today Saya-channnn!" He blew her a kiss and took off down the street.

    "One of these days, I'll get you Kenji!" She gripped his alarm clock that went off and crushed it. "Soon enough..!" She giggled and vanished into the dark hallways.

    My name is Kenji Murakami. I am twenty-one years old and live on my own. That lady was my landlady. Her names Saya Fujiwara, gentle and beautiful she may be, but as deadly as Oda Nobunaga himself! I've never seen her serious, personally, but I like to push her buttons. Anyway, let me give you a brief introduction about where I am and what this is all about! I just recently transferred to the University of Tokyo from some college that I forgot or don't care to remember. As of now, I'm a little late to school. Well, a few months late as a matter of fact. My rich parents are paying for my school fees, but nothing else! Honestly, I really don't want to go. Not yet. I feel like doing something fun. Something that would show me how fun life is. It's been too long!

    Kenji finished buttoning up his shirt when he entered a ramen stand. Sitting by another young man, he rested his head in his hand, staring at the menu. "Morning Ken. I'm guessing Saya chased you out again?" The tall and dark skinned man behind the counter laughed and placed a glass of water in front of him. "Ah, not at all Smith!" He laughed and took the glass gulping away.

    "It's Koji." The man corrected him.

    Kenji waved him off and replied with, "Okay Will Smith. Whatever you say."

    Koji raised his eyebrows and took the glass from him. "Is that suppose to be a racist comment? What will you have today Jackie? Or is it just part of my Imagination Akira?"

    Kenji's eyebrow twitched a little, laughing a little he replied back, "You know Chris. The usual. Chris Will Smith Tucker Michael Jackson!" Koji stopped and looked at Kenji. They suddenly started laughing, "Ah ha ha, I'm just kidding Koji. No hard feelings?"

    Koji shrugged his shoulders and began preparing his food, "Yeah, just don't blame me if you end up dead after eating my ramen. "He laughed to himself quietly, a shadow hovered over him as he started.

    "A-ah... S-say Koji, you know of any place I can go. You know, for a good time?" He smiled, snapping his fingers towards Koji.

    "There's a strip club ten minutes North from here." he replied without hesitation.

    Kenji paused for a moment, "O-oi! I'm not talking about that kind of good time! And how come you know that?!"

    Koji handed him his bowl of ramen and another glass of water. They locked eyes for a second before Koji broke the silent stare. "A man has needs. Besides, all you do is work. Don't you have to go to school as well?" His head turned a little to the side, looking at Kenji's face closely. "What with the bags under your eyes too? Not enough sleep or something?"

    "It's not that. It's that damned neighbor of mine. I swear, every night all he does is play his stupid video games." Kenji gripped his chopsticks and gritted his teeth. "People don't know how to respect their neighbors.

    Koji gave Kenji a cold look and spoke to him in a monotone voice, "Says the guy who never pays his landlady on time..."

    The man beside him pushed up his glasses and cleared his throat. "Ahem, It's not just video games, but anime as well. I'm sorry if I bothered you, maybe you should complain to our landlady."

    Kenji froze for a second then rubbed the back of his head, laughing a little. "Ah ha... ha.... I'm Kenji Murakami by the way. I don't think we've ever met." He stuck out his hand for the man to shake. "I'm Ryo Ueda. Nice to meet you." He looked at Kenji's hand, then poked it with his chopsticks. Kenji laughed awkwardly and pulled his hand back.
    "Say Ryo, are you working?" He slurped his noodle and drank his water.

    "Actually, I'm going to the University of Tokyo. This is my first year." He pushed his glasses upward again, causing them to gleam in the light. "It's fun, educational, and I do get to meet other anime fans as well. But some people are ignorant and never show up. What a waste."

    Kenji stopped eating and looked up at him. "N-no way! Hey! You and I can be buddies! I'm not too good in school, so you could help me! That way, I won't mind if you play your games or watch your anime!"

    Ryo sighed deeply and slouched, "As if I had a say in this. Sure I guess. Just let me see your schedule." Kenji reached into his pocket and handed him a sheet of paper. Kenji was staring at their schedules, seeing which classes he had and which Ryo had. Ryo froze holding the two sheets of paper. Thinking to himself, his jaw dropped, "My god..! I have classes with this nut job, and not only that, he wants to be my friend! Oh god, I have social life. I don't want a friend like him!" He began sweating, laughing to himself.

    "Hey, hey Ryo. Oi! Koji I think he's broken!" Kenji smiled at Koji, pointing at Ryo.

    Koji shook his head, still cleaning a glass cup. "I think you're broken..."