• There was no way to tell what was up and what was down as the bag was placed over my head again and I was lifted off of my feet by someone inhumanly strong. I had a feeling that it was the man who was hired to kidnap me, Kirito Osaka. Or maybe that was actually his employer’s name. I don’t know, and I didn’t ask. He smelled of cologne, the expensive kind, not like the kind Yumeji buys. But, I liked Yumeji’s better.
    “My smell is not pleasant to you?” was unnerving to have someone I didn’t know enter my mind and leave undetected, than again Yumeji did it sometimes too.
    “It won’t get you many girls.” I responded.
    He chuckled “Well, I’m not exactly looking to impress anyone at the moment.”
    “Than why is it so expensive?” I asked.
    I could hear his brows raising through his voice “Very perceptive. Yes, it is expensive, but only because that is what I prefer. It is not for anyone else to enjoy, but my own self.”
    “Sounds like you don’t get out too much to be affected by peer pressure.”
    “On the contrary, I do get out, and quite often. I just don’t give much a ******** of what others think of me.”
    I shrugged “Fair enough.”
    After a while of walking, I felt myself being handed off to someone else. “Goodbye, my young friend. I hope your friend does rescue you at some point.” But, the words were only in my mind and I was hauled off again to the unknown.

    Falling For Fantasy 5