• Mrs Lucy River looked at her son, L Lawliet. Which was fast asleep in his bed. He looked quite cute when he was asleep. He looked so content as he lay there in the bed, drifting to that place where he went whenever he was dreaming.

    He always dreamt that he was the best detective in the world solving cases, putting the bad guys in jail. L always wanted a detective. He may have been eight but he was so firm on what he wanted to be that he had practically taught himself! In-fact he started these self-taught lessons when he was just five years old! Due to this it was hard to get him into a normal primary school, after all Lucy's son knew everything that a secondary school would only just be learning!

    Who knew that his farfetched dream would become a reality in just a couple of years’ time! Certainly not Lucy! Then she would never know for what was about to happen would make sure of that. Then Lucy may have been proud of her son but in truth she was worried about him. She did not wish for her son to die young. She wanted him to be the best that he could be. She wanted for him to lead a normal life. A long and normal life. But her wish, as fate would have it, was never going to happen.

    She closed the door and checked on her baby son who was L's half-brother, Nate. Nate was a name that she had made up. He was originally going to be called Nathan after his father's deceased twin brother. But He was having none of it. In fact he wasn't even interested in the poor boy! So what she did was shorten Nathan's name to Nath' and replaced the H with the E from Roger.

    Nate's father Roger River hated kids so he just left her when she was pregnant with Nate, when Lucy had refused to abort him. Lucy loved life and hated death in all its forms. In Lucy's eyes abortion was an act to kill something that had contained so much potential and life. In fact Lucy hated the very idea of it, even the word.
    Nate too was sleeping in his cot. Both L and Nate had inherited her grey eyes, but they were both spitting images of their fathers. L's father Loki Lawliet called him L because there was just all of the other names beginning with L were already taken and it was a Lawliet tradition to name their child a name that began with L. Apart from Beyond Birthday but he was a black sheep to begin with.

    Anyway enough of these useless facts about L and his personal life, for L isn't the kind of person to dwell on the past. Especially with such a bizarre one. That is why I write to you. To give you a true account of what really happened on the night of his and Nate's mother's death. Not about how close they were and instead of just saying that she was a strong woman, to show you her strength.
    For there was another man in Nate's room. A stranger to L and Nate, but not to Lucy. Lucy had dealt with this man before back when she was a hunter in the hunter's division. She was the best hunter and only quit because she wanted a normal life for her two sons. To everyone else this was seen as an act of a sentimental side that longed for a normal life.

    Quickly she got out a stake and went to kill the vampire. But was suddenly stopped by a scream. L's scream. Her motherly instincts kicked in and she first dashed to Nate and took him up in her arms and ran striate for L's room. As soon as she opened the door she spotted the boy fighting the vampire. She frowned, she had not taught him any self-defence. So then how was he able to accurately execute a black belt karate kick. Then it hit her, he taught himself.

    Lucy could have sworn that L was winning against his opponent until she saw the blood. He was covered in it! And not only that his neck was bleeding too! Had the wretched vampire bit him? If so why? Why distract Lucy and go strait after L when it was her that they had come to kill? Was it that they planned to kill her two children in-font of her and then kill her when they are dead?

    No, then they would come after Nate too. Even-though the vampire only looked at Nate he didn't really go for him. Unless the real target was not her but her eight year old son L? Now why would that be? Why come after just the child when they held the grudge against the mother? And why just one of her boys?

    Quickly without a moment's thought or the slightest hesitation she lounged in-front of L protecting her boy. She gave L Nate.

    “L, listen go get away from here, take you and your brother to some place safe. I'll deal with these pests.” she shouted. “Go!” she called as L looked at her and then ran.
    L was for the first time scared as a child he had a right to be. With his baby brother screaming and crying L was running not just for his life but for Nate's too. Then an idea crossed his mind as he ran. But the distant chimes of bells distracted him of his thought. This was to be the first time he heard them. And somewhere deep down L knew that he would never see his mother ever again.