• Chapter 2 : The girl with the white hair

    It was dark and as usual Kiobi was sulking on his little hill top, “I'm never going to leave this place.” he sighed. He watched the bustling city below him “No one ever comes here anymore, they’re all too scared.” Just then something caught his attention, It was one of his friends a lunar butterfly. “What do you want?” He grumbled. The little butterfly fluttered around then landed on his nose before answering “ Your time on this hill will end soon.” it said “What do you mean?” asked Kiobi now very confused. “ The girl with the white hair will come, and you will leave this place!” Said the little butterfly. Kiobi's eyes went wide. “ WHEN!” Kiobi shouted nearly knocking the little butterfly off his nose. “ Soon” It replied it then fluttered away into the night.

    “ When is soon!?” Kiobi called out to it. But the little butterfly did not answer it was too far gone to hear him. “ The girl with the white hair?” Kiobi asked himself “ Is she really coming?” Kiobi sat and watched the stars “ This girl will be my ticket off this god forsaken hill.” He thought to himself. It wasn't long before the sun came up and Kiobi who hadn't slept a wink was waiting at the top of his hill. “The city never stops” he said “it looks the same as last night, cars still whizzing by, people still walking up and down the streets.” He let out a big yawn and laid down “ Pretty soon all the school children will come out and I will beg them for food like always.”
    He lay his head down on his front paws “ But first I shall take a nap.” Some time had passed and the voices of boisterous children could be heard. Kiobi sat up and stretched pushing out his front paws as far out as they would go. He headed down the hill as far as he could go, which wasn't very far. Where he sat was about three feet away from the sidewalk, But this was close enough for him. “ Now to put on the cutest face I can.” Kiobi thought to himself “ The cuter the better.” He sat in his spot looking as cute as possible. He let out a few meows as he watched the children pass by. At first it seemed as though none of the children noticed him. Then finally two little girls stopped and petted him.

    “Poor little guy” they said stroking his fur “ You must be a stray.” They reached into their lunch boxes and pulled out a small lump of rice, a piece of shrimp and a tiny sliver of salmon. “ Sorry it’s not much, mister kitty.” They said “ But we hope you'll enjoy it!” They then ran off to join the other children who were passing by. Kiobi looked down at the food the two little girls left for him “ It's not much” he scoffed “But it will do I suppose.” As kiobi watched the last of the school children pass by, he began munching on his earnings for the day. When he was just about to scarf down the little sliver of salmon he'd gotten something startled him and he nearly chocked! He looked up to see what it was and to his amazement it was a young girl! “ I'M GONNA BE SO LATE!!!!” she shouted as she ran by. She didn't get to far before she had to stop and catch her breath.

    She stopped just feet away from the hill, and kiobi who was now curious went to investigate. He peered over the side of the hill and watched the girl. He noticed one thing about her, her hair was white! Just like the lunar butterfly said! The girl who was still trying to catch her breath suddenly realized she was being watched. She slowly turned around and met the yellow-ish green eyes of Kiobi who was watching her. “Meow” Kiobi said softly. “ Hello” she said to him “ Are you lost?” She reached in to her messenger bag and pulled out her lunch box, from the box she pulled out a piece of freshly made sushi. “ Here you go.” she said with a smile “ You'll really like this!” Kiobi gently took the piece of sushi from her hand and scurried up the hill. “ I've got to go.” she told him as he began happily munching on his piece of sushi.

    “ I'll make you a deal” she called out to him “ I'll come back every morning and bring you some sushi!” she said “ and every night I'll bring you dinner!” Kiobi looked down at her interested and waiting for more. “all you have to do is be here!” said the girl “ How does that sound?” she asked. He looked down at her “Meow” he said softly once again “ I'll take that as a yes!” She called up to him, then ran off and soon disappeared out of sight.

    “ I still wonder.” Kiobi thought to himself “ If she brings me food, will she someday get me off this hill?”