• Kiobi:
    The black cat and the lunar butterflies

    Chapter 1
    The beginning

    Once a long time ago in ancient times, a group called the Nekohito or cat people once lived. For a while all was peaceful. The Nekohito and the humans that shared the land lived in harmony. But one day war between the humans and the Nekohito broke out, the reason was unclear. Many of the Nekohito were slaughtered, by the time the war had come to an end people believed the entire Nekohito race was wiped out. But little did they know one managed to survive the carnage of war. He fled his home never to return, He was called a traitor to his people. It was said the he cared for no one but himself, that he was a heart-less sort.

    They called him Kiobi the heart-less wind, For he was part of the stealth force that fought in the war against the humans, and for the fact that he had no emotion. In battle he fought only for himself, or so it seemed. When his best friends life was taken, Kiobi did not shed a single tear for him. He only said “You should have listened.” After many months of battle Kiobi left his home never to return, For the Nekohito the war was a great loss. Sometime later in his travels Kiobi came face to face with a human named Isaac.

    He forced Kiobi into battle, and sadly Kiobi the heart-less wind fell that day. Left to die in the cold winter snow. However Kiobi's soul became earthbound and he was told by the heavens if could not change his heart-less ways he'd be forever trapped on earth. His soul took the forum of a little black cat, and he now resides up on a hill that overlooks what is now kasonami city. His only friends are the Lunar butterflies that come out at night when the moon is full. It has been over 300 years since the war and Kiobi still remains earthbound to this day.