• So there I was walking though the parking lot that cold dam January day. I should have guessed something of interest of would happen today. For starters it was the first cold day of the New Year. For the past few days it was near sixty degrees in the shore town breaking all known temperature records for January. I was walking with my hands in my pocket , my sun glasses on , my hair spiked just the right way , and my blue and black scarf around my neck. I was walking rather quickly when the thought of why I was hit me. It was a perfectly nice day out. That thought lead to me thinking: Yeah it’s a perfectly good day out and I’m stuck paying for another college semester.
    Alright it’s not like I don’t want to college but the only reason I’m going is for the sake of m future. If I could be a beach bum, I would but that doesn’t pay for the bills. So there I am paying some crazy sum of money to the school to teach me things I most likely won’t need to know. But as the entrance to building came into view, something caught my eye. It wasn’t a something actually but a someone.
    The second I saw him walking the other directions to his car, a million memories flooded back into my head. They were more like memory fragments: A kiss, a conversation on a park bench, the cold embrace of a final hug. I couldn’t help but smirk. He looked good.
    I bite my tongue because every muscle in my body wanted to run over to him and give him a hug and ask if he missed me. It was more of desire to know if he did miss me. If he thought about me. If he even cared I didn’t want anything to do with him because it hurt me to much? I knew the answer though.
    He never did miss me. We have danced this dance many times in a never ending cycle both of us waiting for the other to miss a beat and fall needing the other to pick them up.
    I wasn’t going to miss this beat. I bite my tongue and watched him walk away. I had to lough. I don’t know why I fall for him all the time. I wondered how many times I could fall for him. That small witty smirk turned into a smile as I realized there might just be more fish in the sea. I just need to get a net and not a pole.