• I see you, and your the only one that doesn't know. That a love, so deep that not even the strongest demon could destroy, awaits you. You walk up to me, smiling so bright.

    You ask me, "can I stay here tonight?"

    I ask, "You've nowhere to go?"

    You reply in a shaken voice, "Only a cold place." The smile had dropped from your face.

    I invite you inside, love at first sight. I look in your eyes, and I can see sadness.

    " Who hurt you and why?" Is all I can ask.

    You look in my eyes, and I know your not lying. "I am unloved, and have been beaten by a man. The man my mother adores."

    "How can she adore him if he hurts her son."

    "He's not the only one." You say flatly, with a tear in your eye.

    "I don't want to see you cry." I hug you tightly, in a warm embrace. We make eye contact and I kiss you and tell you, "its alright"

    I wake up one day, and your not around. I look for you for days, I can't find you. Where did he go, and then I know.

    I rush to your hometown, and find you laying on the ground. Soaked in blood, your blood. I scream for help, and cry as you die.

    You look up at me and say, "I love you". And then you fade away.

    Couple years later, theres a ghost at my door. He's wearing a hooded cloak, and holds a staff. I notice that its in his left hand, in stead of his right.

    You look at me and say, "thats right."

    I take your hand and go peacefully,
    now its truthfully just you and me. heart